The Roller-Coaster I Call ‘Life’

That pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling, how my days have been going… I just try to roll with it. If I feel good, do some work. As my energy wanes, stop. Rest, go online or whatever. I just am taking it pretty slow and easy.

Thanks soooo much to those of you who commented long ago on my Wishful Thoughts post. It means a lot to know there are readers out there, friends and family who are enjoying what I write and post. It makes my time feel more worth while. (Be glad I don’t post everything I think of to post, or would like to post!! And I know not everyone commented!!:) )

Makes me think… The other day we all went with Delvyn 2 hrs away to a dealership to make a large purchase. While heading home I was writing down the how-to’s of salve making (up-coming post). As I was filling up the paper, he was watching, unknown to me, until he said. ‘You getting all that out of your head??’ ‘Yeah, where else would it be from?’ ‘Wow, maybe you should write down a lot more stuff so your brain gets emptier and you can think clearer again!!’ He knows how I often feel so over whelmed with life and all the info I read and study. The stuff I hear, what people tell me and I have to sift through it all and sort it out. I can’t file stuff away to sort through it later!! Nope, I have to go study it all.Right.Now!!! It will actually stress me out.

I have to know why something works or doesn’t. I have to know the in’s and out’s of stuff. It can be frustrating, but I’m sure it has its benefits too!! I just don’t always see them.

I know there are those of you readers out there waiting for me to type out and post everything I have done/am doing/studied to come to the place of doing what I am doing. And I am really sorry it is taking me so long. It really is not very high up on my list of things I need to do. But it is my goal for Oct./Nov.

This summer I was enjoying every day, I felt good more often than not. So I spent a lot of time catching up on things that got neglected for the past yr. And spending lots of time outside, with the boys, being with my hubby, etc.

Now that I am back to ‘roller-coaster’ living, I carefully guard my daily activities, so I for sure get done what I need to get done, keeping some extra energy for the boys… and the things that I want to stay on top of.

I started school with Collin. We only do about an hr-hr & half each afternoon, after the littles go down for naps. It’s a bit on the easy side for him right now, but soon enough it will get harder. He enjoys it for the most part, but if it at all starts to get boring, his mind is gone in a flash. His mind is in that barn all. the. time.

I should go back and explain why I crashed as hard and fast as I did in Aug. And it’s the reason I am still going up and down right now. I did explain some of it in that post, but it was more my theories at that point. (Read that post to be brought up to date.)

Now I know it was my body detoxing, and jumping on the GAPS so fast sent my body into it really fast and hard. Doing the ginger bath sweats really helped, but it takes so much time. And being a Mom, it’s hard to find/make the time!!

I’m not sure what or if I would have done anything different this past summer, as I so enjoyed a 90% normal summer life. I know I should have kept taking a Lyme Killer more faithfully, but obviously my body was still killing it off as I detoxed so roughly. I know doing the toggles 1-3 times a week is greatly helping as well. It is really helping my immune system.

I know going to FL. and doing the full digestive cleanses that I did really gave my body a huge boost too. And we are really wondering about doing it again. Or doing something similar. (If I can find something I think will work effectively. I would love to stay home!) It would just be good to give my body an overall boost by getting rid of junk, fast and easy!

The good thing is ‘if’ I would go it would be a shorter 1 wk stay!! Yes, Collin wants me to go. He is already tired of having a tired Mom.:) He just asked me again this morning, ‘How long are you going to not feel good?? Why don’t we all go to FL?’ God knows the best path for me, so we are just waiting on Him to open and close doors. He knows what is best.

So while we wait, I am trying to just keep building my immune system up. And keep my body detoxing, by staying on the GAPS diet. I don’t feel a lot of ‘Lyme Symptoms’, I just have very low energy, and get tired quickly. I really do feel good over all otherwise.

Oh, one thing I did learn, that I DID NOT like, is that this last time of going on the GAPS diet I didn’t get rid of the itchy bumps I live with. Normally I did within a short time of going off grains. And it was while I was still in the beginning stages of GAPS. So I started looking at what I was eating… and didn’t like what I saw. I was eating fruits, sigh, yes, just a few fruits, mostly/namely banana’s, besides the lots of broth and meat. So I started watching what I eat in fruits, mostly NO BANANA’S. And yes, those bumps have all left. Then Sat. morning I snuck a good size bite off of Rylen’s banana. Within hours I had itchy bumps again!!!

And that makes me really, really sad!! I LOVE banana’s. I am also being careful in limiting all my fruits. I’m not sure if it’s just banana’s or all fruits. I would really hate to not be able to even eat fruits!!! They are my treats when I can’s eat the sweets.

But if you would ask me how I like itchy-rashy bumps, I’d tell you I hate it!! So looking back over the past year and the pattern of the rash, I know if I’m good and clean up my skin, I can have fruity treats now and then. I will just have to be careful in limiting the amount and eating only on an empty stomach so it gets digested faster.

And from here ’til after Oct. 8th, you probably won’t be hearing from me… unless I happen to find time to type up that salve post. My sister-in-law is getting married, so between now and then I have LOTS to do. My mom and sisters plan to help me LOTS!!! And I am so grateful for that!! We have 5 bu. of apples to do one day this week… but I’ll do what I can and leave the rest.

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3 Responses to The Roller-Coaster I Call ‘Life’

  1. Bev says:

    hmm.. maybe I should tell Nita to quit eating fruit and see if it helps her rash.. She would love her mother, as always! 🙂

  2. TenderHerb says:

    Poor Nita!!!! I really feel for her… And I really don’t blame her for not wanting to try ‘irrational’ things like elliminating yummy foods!! Guess she’s just gotta get to the point of hating it enough to want to quit on her own!!

  3. Anna says:

    Good to “catch up” a lil again! I feel so outta the loop these days… guess I should be all caught up by the end of the week:) Anyways, I hope you have a super blessed week with enough energy to be able to enjoy the meetings!
    O and I was just thinking… bananas are one of the “sugariest” (that’s a word, right?? 😉 ) fruits so could it be the sugars? I dunno…just a thought:)

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