::Apple Butter:: -The Simple Way and Sugar-free-

Yesterday my Mom, sisters and I did 5 Bushels of apples. 3 were for me, and I will admit, I went home soon after we finished my 3 bushels. But I was too worn out to stay longer.

While we were running the apples through the strainer, I remembered reading somewhere that if you put the pulp through a second time, it comes out very thick, and you can make apple butter out of it. So I had to try it…

And it came out a lovely thick sauce, that was simple to make into apple butter. I will do things a bit differently next time, but I made do with what I had this time. The boys are DELIGHTED to have something besides honey to spread on the treasured pieces of bread!!!

I didn’t follow exact measurements… I dumped. So once again, I’ll try to give amounts I did.

4 Cups Thick Apple Butter

2 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Cloves

1/4 tsp Nutmeg

I also added a bit of honey to one batch and some maple syrup to another. Add more or less spices to your tastes. Stir good, put in jars and water bath 10 minutes.

I was surprised at how much apple butter I ended up with, all from the ‘left over stuff I would have normally threw away’!!!

I did read later, as I was through recipes, that you can add apple juice to make it thinner. And I would have done that, as it was too thick to even cook, but didn’t have any on hand. I think the flavor would go through better with cooking.

But for this first time of trial and error, I think it has turned out pretty good. I grew up with an apple butter recipe that was not even made with apples, but zucchini instead and we LOVED it. But I didn’t want to use the sugar it calls for…

I use Gala apples for apple sauce, and don’t add any sugar. People never notice and it tastes great. The apples are very firm, so take longer to cook. But I think it is worth it.

I know I said the other day I wasn’t gonna post again for a while, but I needed a short break, so thought I would quick post this.

Did I mention it’s finger-licking-good??? They boys cleaned up all the bread I had on hand.

Do you have a favorite sugar-free apple butter recipe to share?? Or other spices you add, or would have added?? Or some other tip or idea??


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4 Responses to ::Apple Butter:: -The Simple Way and Sugar-free-

  1. Bev says:

    Yay! I have internet again!! 🙂 It was a great idea to run the apples thru again! I had to think of all the applesauce I have wasted thru the years! 🙂 I put most of it into my sauce but did save some touse for butter. Haven’t gotten it stirred up yet, cuz my recipe I used before used jello and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it…

  2. Anna says:

    You made me hungry for apple butter!! Well actually, I had thought with all those apples I can get around our place that I should have made some… but it never happened. Reckon that’s what happens when I run off for 2+ weeks;)

  3. Lena says:

    They loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the idea.

  4. Bev says:

    hey, where are you? 🙂 no wedding pics?

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