Popeye Power Balls

I found a ‘Peanut Butter Kisses’ recipe and I love it. Then while browsing though the Healthy Snacks to Go cookbook, I found her Popeye Bars recipe. It has molasses in it. Molasses is a great source of iron. And I really do like the taste of it as well.

So I decided to try something… And LOVED what I came up with.

1 Part Almond Butter or Peanut Butter

1 Part Honey, raw if possible

1-2 parts Coconut

2 TBS Molasses – you may adjust to your taste

You could cut back on the amount of honey as well. (I didn’t measure.)

Other add-ins, mini cho. chips, sesame seeds, flax meal, chopped nuts, or sunflower seeds. You could even add cocoa powder for chocolate balls, for those chocolate fixes!!

I had added ground flax seeds and sunflower seeds to my batch this time. Sesame seeds add an awesome crunch!!!

You mix the honey, peanut butter together, then add the rest and mix. Add stuff until it all holds together like sticky play dough. Then grab a bit and pop it in your mouth. Only then may you roll them into balls!!;) (The Peanut Butter Kisses recipe, just omits the molasses. So if you wanna try that, there you go!!)

RyRy, he would not take a bite from me, but offer him the mixing spoon and he was in love!!!

It works best to wet hands, then roll  into balls. I like making them small, bite size. It’s great to be able to pop a ball into your mouth and keep on moving to the next job on the list. (Or, as my cousin suggested in the comments… use a cookie scoop for a mess free job!! Wonder why I never thought of that??!!??:) )

And this was his perch!! Up high so he could see what Mom was doing!! That would be my honey bucket he is standing on. He thought he was so clever and ‘Mr. Cool’!!!

For more no bake snack recipes and ideas see this post – Fiber Balls The Peanut Butter Kisses recipe is actually in that post as well.

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4 Responses to Popeye Power Balls

  1. Bev says:

    I like to use a cookie scoop to make things like this! No messy hands and perfect shaped balls! 🙂
    Cory keeps asking for the mudballs all the time..he loves them! 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    Yummy! These sound like something our children would absolutely love! Well, the parents would too!

  3. Lena says:

    Yum!!!! Yum!!!!! Can’t wait to make them:)

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