I’m Thankful for Dryers!!

It’s amazing how you become thankful for the little things in life when they are suddenly taken away from you!! Like my dryer…

The end of last week the starter switch decided it didn’t like it’s home sticking out of the backboard. He (yes, it’s a HE) decided that hibernating in the innards of his home were to be prefered over sticking his nose out all day, every day. So we were living with that for a couple of days, fishing inside to get the switch and then starting the dryer. Then one day I got shocked and dropped it, it hit the metal back plate and we had a mini fire-ball for a few seconds. And that was that. No more dryer.

So what’s a homemaker to do?? We get creative…

Washing ‘hanging out’ in the stair way.

(And it makes a husband stay on getting the right part for it when he has to crawl under the drying wash every time he goes to the basement, which is often!!) It would be lovely to have a drying rack, but alas that is broke, as well as the mini wash lines I had above my washer/dryer.

And when your son goes through all his underwear in a short time and you NEED to do extra wash then the 1-2 loads a day (remember we are farmers) you find other creative means to hang stuff up…

Like hanging from the plant hanger hooks. They were there when we moved and have had maybe one plant hang on one in the 3 yrs. we have been here. I think they are ready for a work-out. (But I am just hoping it’s not too hard of a work-out and I’m left with holes in the ceiling!!)

So for now, this is what I do… and it works. Just takes a day to dry. But I will be sooo grateful to have my dryer back again.

My Thankful list is oh, sooo much longer… but I won’t list it now.

Oh, guess I WILL add to my Thankful List!!! The part came in today!! And it is fixed!! Thank-you, Honey!!!

What are you Thankful for this Thanksgiving Season??

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One Response to I’m Thankful for Dryers!!

  1. Bev says:

    I’m thankful for you! 🙂 And for wonderful family times! And a wonderful God who is working in us all…

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