I have a friend who is hosting a bunch of give-aways this week. And there are some really neat things…

Deliverance For Duncan

‘Ruth and her family lived in Kenya for many years and she does a fascinating job of weaving many actual events into the fictional life of Duncan. From homeless glue-sniffing street boy to polygamist to the death of his child to missionary in his own country, Duncan’s story winds gracefully through tribal practices and cultural nuances. Throughout the story, I was impressed most with its authenticity. It is obvious that Ruth lived in Kenya and knew and loved her people.’

Ends tomorrow, Dec 1st.


The next give-away is

Light My Candle

‘Light My Candle is written free verse poetry style with snippets of Stephanie’s story interspersed to help you understand the emotions she writes about.’  This book sounds like something I can relate to. I lost 2 babies, in early miscarriage, and an unconfirmed 3rd. Their memory will always be apart of my heart. On the giveaway page there are excerpts of the book, and are very touching.

Give-away ends Fri, Dec 2nd.


The last giveaway is a planner.

The Time Keeper

I have seen a lot about this planner around the web, and would love to try it out.:) If you’ve never tried it, here’s your chance!! This give-away ends on Sat. Dec. 3rd.

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