Attack!!!! Attack!!!!

Slowly the deadly bomb enters the chasm. Silently it slides down the dark, hollow channel. It picks up speed as it enters a small, empty room. And it bounces softly onto the spongy floor. It’s warm, dark, and oh, so damp down there. For a bit the bomb just lays there, unsure just what it’s mission is. So it waits. Patiently.

Boom!!! It suddenly burst open. It sends millions of powerful killers spraying through the empty stillness. Instantly it knows what it must do!!

They slip silently  into the small tiny channels, floating along in the current, spinning twirling, searching, looking. But for what??

Suddenly it spies the enemy!! And it heads straight for it!! ATTACK!!! It hits the enemy with a powerful force, with a vengeance, it ends that enemies life for once and for all.

But that enemy has one last retaliation for having its life ended. As he dies and is carried away, he releases poisonous toxins, causing the carrier and those around him to get weak, even sick. The cleaners stumble, trip, and fall. But then pick themselfs up again. They will not give in to this strong enemy.

These enemies are determined to have the last word. But the Commander-in-Chief will not let that happen.

Much care is needed, to be sure those toxic wastes are properly taken care of. As more killers are released, more of the enemy will be done away with. They may hide, they may try to disguise themselves, but in the end, they will have to give up.

These killers will be VICTORIOUS!!! And the spirochetes will die!!! Go ANTIBIOTICS!!!!

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One Response to Attack!!!! Attack!!!!

  1. Bev says:

    Yay!!! Yes!!! Go get ’em!!!! 🙂

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