Lyme Dr, Diets, Carts, & Christmas

(You know I get sorta annoyed at the ‘title part’ of posts… And when it’s mostly about lyme, you can only come up with so many creative titles.)

I know some of you have been waiting to hear what I learned go to the new Lyme Dr. last week. I’m not sure what to share…

We had a good visit, I felt like he really took the time to listen, he wasn’t in a hurry.

He took a bunch of blood samples, testing my thyroid, as it’s still swollen. Testing Vit. D, Vit. B12, adrenal gland, and I’m not sure what all else. He would like to deal with those issues as well as the lyme.

He then prescribed 2 different antibiotics (abx), but I have only been taking one. The other is on back order, and I haven’t heard from my Dr. about taking something else. So for now I am only taking amoxicillin.


Now, I can update, as I didn’t get this posted before. Guess it helps to be slow sometimes. I got my 2nd abx today(Thurs), Azithromycin. I take it Mon, Wed. and Fri. (The stuffs not cheap. Glad it’s not more often than that.) So now the rubber may hit the road, and we will see what happens. (As far as getting sick(er).)

I really have not felt worse since starting the abx 10 days ago. But no better!!! I did have a couple of kinda good days in there, so that helps. And I can always tell when I do too much work, socialize, etc, it plain wears me out!! So my mantra right now is, ‘Pace yourself, pace yourself…’ It’ll sink in one day. (I hope.) It’s hard to change your life so fast all the time.

And then you feel good enough to do your own work, so you feel bad for asking others to help. Then you crash and have to ask anyway. It’s like a yo-yo, as soon as you are up, you go sailing back down.

I know I am pushing myself, I just can’t help it. Christmas is coming, all the good party foods, snacks, candies… and my boys want it. Forget it, I want it!! So I am determined to make at least healthier versions of some fun, festive foods. And that means I am pushing myself a bit.

I want my boys to enjoy some holiday fun, make memories, oh, the list goes on… And then I remember my last post, 1 Cor.13 Christmas, I needed that post so much!!! It is amazing how God works, speaks and shows His will. The boys are not so worried about the Traditions of Christmas, the foods, the gaiety, they need the security of having mom. And having a happy, loving mom who spends time with them, even if it’s not doing the ‘normal, seasonal things’. Maybe we can make some new traditions.

I should mention that my Dr. also highly recommended I cut out ALL grains as well as gluten from my diet. Gulp, that includes rice!! And he also said no fruit!! *Insert* Huge GULP!!!! So I said to him, ‘That pretty much leaves me with veggies and meats.’ ‘Yep’, says he, but you can wait ’til after the Holiday’s to strictly enforce it, but do what you can until then.’ *Uhh, thanks for being so thoughtful.* But actually, as I have cut everything mostly out, I find I feel sooooo much better following his instructions. And he did tell me, that from my symptoms, it sounds like the beginning stages of Celiac. So that just scares me into sticking with veggies and fruits, so it doesn’t go into that and I could never have gluten again!!!!! And the reason for taking away fruit as well, is because of the yeast problems.

So hopefully all this will be helpful in the long run, I know it will be. But sometimes that ‘long run’, looks, well, long!!!

My laptop got sent in for repair the other day. This time they better fix it right!!!! I have had so many problems with it. So my time sitting at my desk top has been less. It wears me out sitting here too. My bed has been my favorite place to hang out. Collin has been loving all the extra time of playing ‘Go Fish’ with his school work learning his letters/sounds. It’s an easy thing to do while propped in bed.

The boys have all been fighting colds a lot the past couple of months. It has been harder for them to shake it. And it is frustrating for us all. They have been sickish the past week. About the time one is feeling better another gets it. And then the next, it’s like they just keep sending it around and around. Yes, each has been getting it a couple of times. Annoying.

We finally just went shopping Wed evening. Just to a few stores… We went to a Dollar Store and helped each brother pick out one thing for each brother. They were having a blast… And forgetting it was to be for someone else and not himself!! But by the time we got to Woodman’s (huge grocery store) I broke down and rode a motorized cart. It felt really good to just sit and shop. Even though as we are going along, one son says, ‘Mom, why can’t you walk??’ And the other pipes up, ‘You did in the other store.’ And so I would just smile and wave say nothing. We ‘raced’, which really just was not fair. Those carts are set at way too slow of a speed!!! And they each took turns riding with me. Rylen promptly figured out how to run the thing. So about the time I stopped somewhere, away we’d be going again!!! Much to his delight, because Mom would let out a {quiet} yell!!

Today I helped each brother wrap his gifts. Hmmmm, interesting time… now all they do is look at the stack and want to open them now. The days ’til Christmas seem long and full of saying ‘just wait until Christmas’. I actually think I have all of my Christmas shopping done. (But for my hubby’s gift, which I plan to have someone else pick up.) So now I need to wrap stuff. And just for the record, it’s not smart to run out of tape when helping little boys wrap their brothers gifts. (That one gift with the ends hanging open, it’s just, well, almost too irresistible to resist!! Good thing it’s up high on a dresser.)


Well, that didn’t get posted last night/this morning/today either. I couldn’t sleep, so I worked on this post and didn’t get it finished. So goes life…

Thursday morning Grandma, Aunt Shirl, Brooklyn and Dani came and we made those cinnamon [cookie] ornament things. (I can’t find the original recipe I used, just add 2 TBS elmers glue to that recipe in link for what we did.) The smell really awesome!! Can’t wait to get ribbon on them so I can hang them up. The boys and Brooklyn had lots of fun making them, but didn’t like the idea of making ‘cut-out’ cookies and not being able to eat them!!

Our Church went Christmas Caroling tonight. Us?? We gladly stayed home. I am feeling sick and am sure it’s from the new abx this morning. My voice doesn’t work very well, and the boys just cough and noses run. So we wouldn’t have been worth much anyway.

I think I will soon need to go buy out Wal-Mart’s supply of Kleenex’s, we have been going through them at an alarming rate.

All in all, life is good. I am giving back smyles when lymes come around.

:: Fear not, for I am with you: Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you. Yes, I will help you. I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness. Is. 41:10 ::

One of my favorite verses.

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3 Responses to Lyme Dr, Diets, Carts, & Christmas

  1. jan gingerich says:

    You are an encouragement to me. Just take one day, one moment at a time..God’s strength is always sufficient. It’s amazing what great fun children can have with what to us might not seem even very special. I’m sure Christmas will be awesome in their eyes no matter what! I want to come up with some traditions to keep each year. I think I’ll see how a family night making gingerbread houses goes. I’m wanting to try making those gingerbread men to hang around too. How did you do yours? I saw one recipe that was simply 1/2 applesauce to 1/2 cup cinnamon.
    hugs, and praying for you, jan

  2. Bev says:

    I like the little limes saying 🙂 Keep your chin up!

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