Cashew Crunch Recipe & Other Late Night Ramblings

I can’t sleep, it’s late!! I’m tired, I had a full, hard day. Not that the people were hard, no, I think we were round, soft and fuzzy ’til we were done!! My Mom, sisters, cousin,  her littles, and I & mine got together to make some ‘healthified’ Christmas Goodies. I was feeling pretty dead on my feet til I got home, but it was so worth it.

I got to watch my little boys get to do their tradition of decorating Christmas cookies. They just don’t think it’s Christmas without it. My mom laughed watching one son squirt icing on a cookie, then lick the tip, squirt, lick, squirt, lick… He was in his glory!!! Those Pampered Chef Decorator Bottles are the best for little kids and cookie decorating!! Even ‘big kids’ like them!!

We made lots of lovely goodies, and I’d like to post a bunch of them in the next couple of days, but we will see how I feel and when my laptop comes back. My boys LOVE that stuff.

Here is the

 -Cashew Crunch Recipe-

It is super good, best make 2 pans while you are at it!! Or you may wish you did. It’s from the Healthy Choices Cookbook.

1 C. Maple Syrup

1/2 C. Butter

1 C. Cashew pieces (best larger ones)

1/3 tsp. Baking Soda

Bring to boil maple syrup and butter and boil until it reaches ‘hard crack’, (300*). Stir often, but if you do constantly, it takes a long time to get there!!! Then add the baking soda.

While waiting for that grease a 9×13 pan. From here you can do one of 2 ways, recipe says spread cashews in pan then pour syrup on top. But we found the nuts fall out of it too easily when we break them apart. So next time I am going to stir in my nuts, then spread thinly in pan. I think it will be much better!! It would be similar to the way my dad makes his peanut brittle. *Update* I did it, but you need to work fast, as the cool nuts cool down the syrup pretty fast. And it took a bit of work to flatten it all out. But it does stick together really nice!!!!

Allow to harden, break into pieces and ENJOY!!! So simple, yet so good!!! Store in airtight container.

And, btw, you can burn the syrup. Yes, I found out the hard way. So watch carefully, it seems to take forever for the syrup to reach ‘hard crack’, but those last 30-50 degrees – well, it can zoom up to it really fast!!! And that stuff is just NOT good burnt!!

My Grandpa’s secret for good, crisp peanut brittle is to actually let the stuff go to 300*, hard crack is actually 295*. Today I let it just start going above 295*, like 297* when I took it off the burner and it still hit 300*. And it is the BEST!!! Crisp, not a bit sticky-like. It breaks and cracks like real peanut brittle!! I’m so proud of myself. haha

Now I should try to get some sleep… tomorrow is my ‘off’ day for the 2nd abx. So hopefully I won’t feel too bad. The 2 times I have taken that 2nd abx, I have gotten terrible stomach pains!! And just don’t feel so great for a few hours in the morning. But guess it is doing its job. So I’ll ‘grin and bear it’!! (And try taking it with more food!! I don’t eat much, if anything for breakfast. I think it would help a bit.)

*Tootles* Aka ‘Good Night!’

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One Response to Cashew Crunch Recipe & Other Late Night Ramblings

  1. Bev says:

    Round and soft..but FUZZY?? Well, maybe that was our brains til we got done!lol love doing this with you! 🙂

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