A Father’s Love

For the past few months God has been teaching me and showing me what His love is like, as a Father. And each little thing He shows me, is amazing, each unique and special.

Sunday I didn’t get to see Rylen ’til after Church had started. He was sitting up in the 2nd row with his ‘2nd Mom’, when he realized I was there. Then he was all squirms and squiggles to get his things together and get back to his real Mom.

He knew I was waiting, he knew I wouldn’t go anywhere ’til he got there. He knew how much I loved him. And he couldn’t wait to get back to me. And to show me his love.

He merrily slipped out of the bench and did his little hop/skip/walk the whole way back the aisle, and it made my mother-heart skip a beat. It was my son coming to greet me. Even though he felt like I had deserted him, he was wanting to feel my love again.

He was all smiles as he wrapped his little arms around me. He squeezed me with all he had, patting my back with both of his little hands. He was back with his Mom!! And his world was all right again. He was back in fellowship with his Mom.

My brother was the one who correlated it to God as a Father. We mess up, and God still loves us. I know my son isn’t perfect, he was naughty while I was gone. He made mistakes, and yet I still loved him. I still wanted him. And he had no fears coming back to me. He knows I will correct him. He knows he will mess up again. But he doesn’t fear my chastening, because he knows I will keep loving him anyway.

As we went to sit down on our bench, he would look up to me and smile. He would snuggle in my lap for a bit. Just because he could. He was happy and content, his world was alright again. I didn’t leave him to be mean. I did it for the betterment of my family. God doesn’t leave me either. He is either teaching me something or I have stepped away from Him.

He will ALWAYS love ME!!! He is my Father!! He can’t turn His heart away from me, anymore then I can turn it away from my own son.

I will be his Father, and he shall be my son. 2 Sam 7:14

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One Response to A Father’s Love

  1. Gina says:

    Love that little story, brings tears to my eyes. The more I understand the Father, the more I love him and want to please him. Very well written.

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