I needed this today (the video)… I set up a schedule/routine while I was in FL. I knew last week that I would not be able to try to do it. So last night I typed it up, posted in on my fridge and decided to try it today. What do you know?? My day is sailing so smoothly!! I feel like I am getting LOTS done… I organized another closet before breakfast, and then did school with Collin at 9:30. I have been wanting to change his school time to morning, afternoons he just seems to drag. And it went really good. BUT…

It was a good reminder because I want to remember to enjoy these ‘Moments’ in life. I too often am rushing through life, looking for the next BIG thing. And I am realizing how much these little moments mean to the boys too, how much they need the nurturing. And when I have a goal in mind, I tend to go for it and forget the little things around me.

I asked the boys what they wanted to do for Valentine’s Day, fancy meal with china, or a fun ‘picnic’ on the living room floor. I don’t think you have to guess which they picked. So now they are all excited, planning this event, and it’s 2 wks away. (Oh, if you want a free ebook with frugal Valentine Day ideas, it’s available here. There are lots of neat idea’s.) It’s those little things…

Watch this clip, it’s only 4 minutes long. Let it speak to you…

And this book One Thousand Gifts goes with the video. And I have heard lots of good reviews on this book, so it is on my ‘WishList’. I’m saving up for it…:)

What are the little moments you look for, you enjoy in life?? I’d love to hear what you do to make special moments for your little ones. So many times it’s just the smallest, insignificant things that mean the most!! Why can’t I see God’s little blessings as the big gifts that they are??!!??!!

‘Enjoy the little things in life… one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.’


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I'm a stay at home mom from WI and recently transplanted to OH. After dealing with health issues for over 4 yrs, we are recovering and living life to the fullest. I am finally being the wife and mom I had longed to be to my husband of 15 yrs and our 4 boys and daughter. This is a place to share bits of our story and the things that have changed our lives. Jesus is first, family is second, and everything else comes after that. So every day looks different. But we are BLESSED!!!
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2 Responses to ::Moments::

  1. Bev says:

    Oh, God has just been “preaching” this to me so much lately!! And it is sooo hard to change a mindset!! But I want so much as I see my precious children growing up and wanting to fly away to really enjoy the now!! I won’t be able to ever have them around me like this again! I feel like I am so not ready for this time of letting go but if I can at least really really live in the now, I don’t think I will have so many regrets. I’m crying as I write this cuz it is so real to me and it seems there are so many things to make me busy…
    One thing I started doing is taking my magazines and such that I see cool ideas and think “I should do that sometime with the kids” and DOING it, right now! Today, I made Cory a simple rocket and he loved it and his big siblings wanted their turn too! 🙂
    Hope you don’t mind my little epistle here. 🙂 Keep being the wonderful person you are!

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