Rise & Shine Herbal Tea Mix

I found this tea mix from Bulk Herb Store, and since I had all of the herbs I wanted to try to mix it on my own. So I googled it and found a recipe here.

‘This tea is a mix of herbal energy that will wake you up with a burst of flavor! It is designed to increase blood flow for clear thinking, energy and overall health.’  -Bulk Herb Store Catalog.

In mixing bowl, mix in desired amount of herbs and stir together.

1 Part Bilberry

1 Part Ginkgo

1 Part Green Tea

1 Part Peppermint

1/4 Part Cloves

1/4 Part Ginger

Store in cool, dry, dark place.

Add 2 TBS Mix to 2 Cups boiling water. Let steep 5 min. Sweeten and enjoy. The cloves are a hard herb, so the boiling helps break it down to get the herbal properties out. And you can use the herbs more than once, I often do it 2 times. Or let it sit a long while, often 15 minutes or more. We like to drink this on Sunday mornings as we are running out the door, and often drink it while going to church. Ever since I started making this, Delvyn has requested it. It helps keep him awake and alert during the service. He just wishes it would last more than 1 1/2 hrs or so. I told him he just needs to take a travel mug in with him.

You can also make a tincture out of it. You know, maybe I should do that, and he can take that while at church. Yes, this stuff really does wake you up. And it is good hot or cold!! It is really tasty!!

Ginkgo – is a brain food. It has effects of better circulation in the brain, improving concentration and memory. And it increases your energy.

Peppermint – Great flavor aid, and it is good for your digestive system.

Green Tea – Is anti-aging!!:) It helps heart function, immune system, blood pressure and aging brain regression and more. It also is a cancer fighter.

Bilberry – is anti-aging as well, it is high antioxidant. But it also very good for your body. It thickens your veins, increases blood circulation, helps with your eyes, it reduces inflammation and pain, and a lot more!!

Ginger – Stimulates your stomach, and helps digest your food as well.

Cloves – is a breath-freshener that kills the bacteria that causes odor and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean-tasting.

To see Shoshanna’s fun and energetic video on her ‘Rise and Shine Tea’ go here.



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2 Responses to Rise & Shine Herbal Tea Mix

  1. Sarah says:

    Thank you! This is just what I was looking for!

  2. Lena says:

    We really like this tea, tastes great and makes you feel more energetic. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

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