Love Makes the World Go Around…

… At least our little world!!!

We thought we would do something different this year. And I do believe it will become a new tradition, and one I don’t mind. Not sure how long the boys will want to do it, beings Valentine’s Day is more ‘girly’, but I will enjoy it as long as they do.

I asked the boys if they wanted a fancy supper with china, ribs and the works, or a picnic supper in the living room, on the floor. It was unanimous, a picnic in the living room!!! And the count down began… 2 whole weeks of hearing, ‘When ith Balentine Day??’, ‘How many more days??’. But it was worth it!!

By Monday they couldn’t wait to decorate… But I knew things wouldn’t last with them around. So most of it waited ’til Tues.

I LOVE those paper heart-strings hanging from the window. They are super simple and easy to make. I just took an old book and cut LOTS of hearts out of the pages, then sewed them randomly together with red thread. They are rather fragile, but who cares. I added one red heart to each string. Most of the rest of the decorations I just pulled from things I had, I did buy a few things. And I am now wishing I would have gotten a better picture of the streamers. I have always wanted to do lots of streamers, I felt good enough that day, so did it. And I loved the effect. And it is just now coming down, from rambunctious boys.

Ready for the party to begin!!!

The Menu:

Barbecued Chicken Wings

Garlic Shrimp

Sweet Potato Fries

Garden Salad

Chocolate ‘Bars’ that turned into a cake – Gluten Free and very good!!


Ice Cream (A rare and special occasion for that!! I found stuff that is lactose free, but not sugar-free. Breyer’s brand, for those who may wonder.)

Sparkling Apple Juice – Sugar Free and the boys did not like the fizz.

Enjoying the delicious food!!


Not bad for a 6 yr old taking the picture. We will celebrate our 9th Anniversary on the 22nd. I can hardly believe it’s been that many years already. Where does time go??

Delvyn made my day when he said he would bring in the fireplace from the barn office.;) (Long story with that… one day it will come into my house.) It is little, but I miss having a fireplace and mantle to decorate. (I had them the 2 places we lived before moving to the farm. It was always a place I could leave decorated nicely that little fingers couldn’t get. But this week I decided the boys are old enough for me to leave out more fancy things and leave their hands off of stuff. So far so good, and I’m enjoying the ‘fancy’ decorations again. I didn’t realize just how ‘kid-proof’ my house was ’til I pulled out my boxed stuff.)

The boys had lots of fun eating by candle light and actually didn’t make much of a mess, like I feared. We made some great memories, after supper clean up, we played games and just spent the evening together.

 Memories the boys don’t even realize are being made!!!

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2 Responses to Love Makes the World Go Around…

  1. Em says:

    thats SOO cool!!! now i have to come over and look at it!! =) ❤

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