Living Room Make-Over

(A work in progress)

Ever since we moved in here 3 1/2 yrs ago, I have wanted to paint the living room. And if I would have known then what I know now, I would have had my sisters help paint a long time ago. (They did NOT care for it.) It was livable, but not ‘me’!!

Delvyn was gone last week-end, so I decided it was time to tackle the job. It would keep me busy the long days he wasn’t here and it was bugging me again. I knew I needed to do it. I had my ideas of what I wanted to do, but wasn’t sure how it would all pull together.

So after much emailing between my sister and I, chatting on the phone… I kinda decided on what I wanted. Then I found some really cool magnolia decor stuff, and decided to go with them as the theme. And no, you won’t see them in my living room yet. One step at a time here.

The ‘Before’… these were all taken right before we began tearing it apart. One way to get your boys motivated to do some major clean-up fast is to tell them what you are doing and let them do most of it. They cleaned up toys, hauling them to their room, emptied the bookcase and swept down shelves and corners… it was great. Until they decided they needed to clean even better and use buckets and rags. After catching 2 with the dusters dripping with water… let’s just say that quit!!

Painting!!! Yay, we were happy to see the old go. And were amazed at how ‘orange’ it looked. I knew it was sorta that color, but as we painted it sure came out strong. And the calming, homey feeling the new colors gave the room. We were loving it and weren’t even half done.

One reason I put off the job, was I didn’t know where to stop. As in stop in the entry way part, and it is so very high up there!!! But we managed with the help of a very high ladder!! And not letting anyone shake the ladder with the plank on it. The boys stayed far from it, even they were scared of the height!! And no, we didn’t paint it all. Just above the border. We will paint more later.

Oh, maybe I should explain the horse. I got a small jar of brown paint to put on the wall to make sure I would like a solid brown wall. Well, the boys thought they needed to have a horse too!! So I obliged and painted a rough horse. Then another sister came and added finishing touches, much to a little boys delight. Now he will point and tell you there is a ‘neigh’ on the wall. Even if you can no longer see him!!

Finishing touches… We loved the way it all came together. And the colors blended good. I still think it looks a tad more ‘pink’ than I wanted. But I wanted a pink undertone, to match the bookcases and the burgundy I want to add in.

This is my favorite part, along with the stairway wall, it is also solid brown. (Sorry, forgot a picture of that, but I have BIG plans for that wall… You can kinda see it in the bottom left picture on that last collage of pictures up there.^^) And the mirror thing is subject to change… I have other ideas, but for now… it’s staying.

Home Sweet Home… It’s amazing, even the boys love it!!:) They will say every now and then that ‘it is just so nice’!! One day I will get curtains, and more things for the walls. The fun is doing it one step at a time… and enjoying it as it goes.

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4 Responses to Living Room Make-Over

  1. Linda says:

    Oh wow. That last picture? Woah. That does feel so calm and inviting! Love it!

  2. Gina says:

    Wow, I knew I never liked it either. But now with the warmer colors, wow it really does improve the whole room. good job.

  3. Bev says:

    I never thought about it much (as you can tell in my house walls don’t bug me much! lol) but it does look really nice now!! If it just wouldn’t be so much work… I will never move into a house without painting first again! ha ha

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