Easily Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

I finally found a way to make hardboiled eggs with freshly laid eggs. And without having to use eggies. (I didn’t like them, they were hard to clean and a lot of hassle.) The other Sunday a friend told me how she does it. So yesterday Collin and I tried it. The first batch were from older eggs, and he peeled them perfectly. The 2nd batch were from this week and he didn’t do so good. I am wishing now I would have tried it myself, but they still peeled better than my old way. He is only 6.

*Update* So someone told me, it works better on 6 day old eggs. But it is so much better than waiting 6 wks or so.

And it is really simple.

-Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

-With a slotted spoon, slowly and carefully, lower each egg into boiling water. Only add 2 eggs to the water at a time, you want to keep the water boiling. Allow to boil 9-10 minutes.

-Drain water and fill pot with cold water to stop cooking prosses.

-Once cool, peel.

(And don’t do as I did… an egg with a slight crack in it will give you a pan with pieces of boiled egg!!) 😉

My boys have been enjoying hardboiled eggs the last 2 days!!! They think it is a treat!!

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One Response to Easily Peel Fresh Hard Boiled Eggs

  1. Bev says:

    If you put some vinegar in your water it will keep the egg from going all over if there is a crack.

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