Homemade Humor #9

While I was in the bathroom combing my hair Jevan said, ‘You look like a girl!!’ I answered, ‘Don’t you think it is because I AM a girl??’ ‘No, you, you not look like a girl!!’ Surprised I asked him, ‘Why NOT??!!!??!!’ ‘B’cause you look like a MOM!!’ *heartmelter!!*

After Jevan woke up from his nap he asked where his Dad was. I told him, ‘Over at Grandpa’s mixing feed. But you can go out to him when he comes back. Watch for him.’ Later I heard the tractor coming up the road, ‘Hey, Jevan is that Dad coming?’ ‘Yep, it is.’ ‘Well, if you wanna go out, get your stuff on.’ ‘Oh, yeah…..’ He runs to another window and stands there watching his Dad. ‘Hey, Jevan, don’t you think you should go get dressed to go outside if you want to go out with Dad??’ He pops his thumb out of his mouth, smacks his hand on his forehead and walks to the entry and says, ‘Oh, yeah, dat goo’ idea!!’ Oh, you think??

‘Wow child, your toe nails are so long you have dirt under them.’ ‘But I like dirt under there. My toes need it there.’ ‘They do?? Whatever for??’ “They gotta grow!!’ -Collin

‘Mom’, he says as he walks into the bathroom ruching his pants around, ‘I hate my shirt packed in my pants!!!’ -Collin

I was having fun with Collin in the kitchen, he was laying on the floor and I was pretending to step on him, smashing his stomach. Finally he gets up and as he walks away he comments, ‘I can’t play with you, you are so crazy!!

‘Jevan, you need to pick up toys.’ ‘But’, he complained, ‘I ‘ill ge’ hard muscles!!’

One night, a certain little boy woke up and would not settle back down to sleep. After getting up for the 6th time in an hour and it was around 2 am, I punished him. Immediately his brother pops up from where he was sweetly sleeping, and says, ‘I’m sleepin’ Mom!!’

After giving Jevan so instructions on eating his supper, either now or at snack time, Collin pipes up with his own version of what I had just said. But giving even higher stakes, finishing it for breakfast if not that night. Finally I asked, ‘Who made you the police man??’. ‘Well,’ he replied, ‘if I can’t be the police man, can’t I at least be the sheriff??’

This morning while doing school, Collin was reading his page of words. He has a hard time getting his last sound to follow the first two. In other words, he can read, ‘ho’, but then adding the right sound on the end ‘t’, he just can’t seem to put the word together. So he will often guess that last letter. Today was no exception. Finally after saying ‘zit, zin, zap,’ anything and everything BUT ‘zip’!! And that finally came out ‘zipper’!! He says, ‘I think I’ll just say it all is Spanish!!!’

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2 Responses to Homemade Humor #9

  1. Bev says:

    Gotta love those little ones! 🙂

  2. Brenda says:

    Love it! 🙂

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