Picnic Memories…

Last week we went to the park for a cook-out with friends. And it was a lovely evening. The boys had so much fun… and it reminded me of our picnic 4 yrs ago. (I can easily remember when it was, as Jevan was just a few months old.)

This is what the park looked like that afternoon. (We went for lunch.)

Yep, this would be the END of Feb. 2008!! We were so tired of winter, and we had sooo much snow… so on a warm 30* plus day we had a picnic!! And even though the men thought us strange, we had fun!! The kids loved it. (Who doesn’t love to go down a slide into a pile of snow??!!??!)

But this year we enjoyed a lovely, warm evening…

And we had another family join us.

The boys loved watching the ducks and trains that went by.

This fence is the perfect backdrop for pictures!!!! And the boys loved playing on it!!

Mr. Rod

-I didn’t take this picture, but it was too good to leave out.- (I had forgotten my camera that evening. So used Bev’s instead.)

Quiet, thoughtful Jevan. He likes to do things his own way, and in his own time. I just love this picture of him!!!

To say Rylen loves to play ball would be an understatement!!! He has a very good arm and pretty good aim. And he can hit a ball all too well!! He taps his ball in his glove a few times before throwing it and then swings his leg up and around as he sends it flying through the air!! I just love watching him!! (I had to gulp to realize that Collin, in the winter picnic pictures, is the same age as Rylen now. And where have those 4 yrs went??!!?! My baby is growing up too fast!!!)

Playing on the playground… Ashlyn LOVED the slide and pretty much went up and down, up and down!!

I have been feeling very good this week, compared to the last 3. And I am getting so much stuff done it’s amazing how much work can fly when you have energy to do it!! So I’ve been enjoying it!! (And waiting for the crash. haha)

We are just loving this spring weather!! The boys keep begging to go swimming… and I keep finding them shirtless. But I figure they might as well enjoy it!!

What have you been doing in this beautiful spring weather??

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One Response to Picnic Memories…

  1. Bev says:

    Lovely memories!! 🙂

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