Changes and Progress…

Where do I start?? I never like the beginning of a blog post, I never know how to launch into my thoughts…

There are a few of you who knew we were changing directions in my lyme treatments. And for those of you who didn’t, well, now you know.

I was on abx the month of Dec, and seen no change. I went to FL for some cleansing, as I did last yr, and seen improvement. But then I started abx again the middle of Feb and went a month on them. I went downhill so fast it was scary!! Depression, fatigue so bad again, more pain, and my whole purpose in life was gone. It just did not seem right to do things that way. And all my symptoms pointed to candida (yeast overgrowth). So I finished the abx that I had and then did a lymph cleanse that I had brought home from FL and then started a 10 day detox/fast. And that ended yesterday. Although I am still not eating much today, as my stomach can’t handle much yet. (And yes, I lost a lot of weight.)

The cleanse/fast I did is the Master Cleanse also known as the Lemon Juice Fast. Based on the book  ‘The Master Cleanser’, And this website – Homemade Body Cleanse. Don’t just jump into it, read, read, read up on it!!! It is highly recommended to read the book or read one of the books listed here. They will explain the way things work and why to do it better than any thing you will find online. I personally didn’t read the book, but my close friend did, so when I had questions I asked her.

My 1st 2 days were the roughest, I was really weak and felt sick. But the 3rd day I felt great. Day 6 I had a pretty bad headache all day, but I was still able to work and function normally. Day 8 I didn’t feel so great, but I think that was more due to other ‘female related things’. But over all I felt so good. My brain fog pretty much left, no depression signs, I had energy and some to spare!! It was amazing!!! I cleaned my house, reoganizing things that had needed it for a long while… think kitchen cabinets, wiping them out and rearranging. ‘Rejarring’ spices, (is that a word?) and herbs to make them fit better and I even cleaned the canning shelves, and organized freezers. We went to the park on afternoon and to some meeting 3 nights in a row, resulting in LATE nights and early mornings. Sunday was FULL, but I was so blessed!!

Over a month ago, I found out about a Wellness Dr. over an hour away, who has done a lot with lyme and has helped a lot of people. (He told us it’s over 2,000!!) I read all I could on his website and the articles he has written :Cracking the Code on Lyme Disease and :Lyme Disease: Can I Really Recover Using a Natural Approach? and was very impressed with his knowledge. And it helps that he had lyme years ago too, so he understands.

This is the basics of what he follows for steps to healing lyme. And explains about the ammonia toxins in the body and why we feel the way we do with lyme and trying to kill it, causing ourselves to get sick.

He really knows a lot about lyme and explained a lot of things to us. It helps that I know a lot about lyme, so could understand all he said and the different angles he was coming from. He even has a great big white board in the room that he wrote everything out on and explained it all so we could ‘see’ and understand better.

My whole endocrine system is a mess, thyroid included, which we knew that!! So with all he did and the stuff he gave me, we are hoping to see improvement in a month or two. He said most people see improvement in the first month, at the longest 2 months. So we will see where I land. I did find out I do have the co-infection Babesia. And babesia likes to hide in the liver. So I will be doing lots of liver cleanses at home on my own. And then flushing it out. And we found out why I have such brain problems… it’s the worst in my brain!! Grrr… no wonder I thought I was giving a part of my brain to each son when he was born. I pretty much was!! And today I found myself forgetting names of people who I should be able to remember. So very frustrating!! But nothing new!

Dr. Lindsley developed his own mix of herbs, and made a tincture out of it. There are 2 different ones I take together. Along with an iron supplement, as I have very low iron. And that is because of the babesia. Babesia is very hard on the blood cells!! {I’m forgetting all the terms and details and reason why now. 😦 } I am excited about not using abx and still getting better. He does not claim to be an expert in lyme, but he admitted he has studied very deeply into it and has read almost every book out there on lyme. It’s hard to put an over 1 hr visit into words here. But I want to remember all I can for later…

So I am sticking with my diet changes, and limiting the meat, to help my liver detox better. And to get on top of the yeast. We will be taking the boys sometime and start treating them too. He is sure they have lyme as well. Little by little… day by day.

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