Friends Forever

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God gave me you for the ups and downs…

God gave me you for the days of doubt. –YouTube

I heard this song the other day and I can’t help but hear that phrase over and over. And it is taking on a new meaning, of my relationship with not only my husband, but also all my friends. Here is the rest of that chorus…

Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs,

God gave me you for the days of doubt.

 And for when I think I lost my way.

 There are no words here left to say,

 it’s true God gave me you, gave me you…

There were/are times in my life that are rough. Who doesn’t have them?? There are times I wonder why I have to go through the things I do. The pain of hurt relationships, broken friendships, loss of life, sickness, misunderstandings… the list goes on. Then there are the joys, the pleasures of living, the wonder of new life, learning new things, good deals… etc. And we need someone to share those moments with. Those ups and downs.

I have had many friends through the years, some stay a while and then we part ways. It may not be over hurts, or misunderstandings, but our paths just took different courses. Or there are those who I did have strained relationships with. And I wonder why, and yet, I can look back and see that God has His reasons for all of it. I learn things through those relationships, I learn what makes a good friend, I learn what kind of friend I want to be.

And then there are the friends I wonder how on earth we ever got to be so close. We have not much in common, we live far apart, we struggle with different things… and last night as I was thinking about this song again, I just realized that ‘God gave me you’!! No, I don’t know why, we have our ups and downs in life. And there are the friends who became close because we have a common ‘problem’ – LYME!! And the friends, who, have just always been friends!!!

I find it amazing to see who my real friends are… like this quote I seen,

‘When I am happy and cheerful, my friends know who I am,

When I am down and depressed, I know who my friends are.’

And it makes me smile. My whole journey with lyme and its many, many ups and downs, has made me see who my friends are. And the support they give means more than they will ever know!! I have many low days and then the good days, but they are always ready to listen (or read texts), when I need to vent or share a good day/moment. Or ask for prayer in the rough spots.

Friends are one of God’s many blessings in life!! One I take for granted way too much. I am so much more of a receiver than a giver. And as I watch my friends give and give, it inspires me to be more giving. My heart is to reach out, but too many times I fear rejection, fear hurt, fear what may come of it all, how it may turn out. I know I need to let go of it all, and I have quite a bit in the past while. But those feelings still rise up. And than there are the times I want to do more things, but physically am not able to, so must just give it to God and pray for them. He can work things out way better than I can.

I love my sisters and don’t know what I’d do without them!!! They mean so much to me. And as each year goes by and I see my ‘little sisters’ grow into women, I want to cry. I see them mature and face life, and know the pains and heartaches they are going through. As they grow-up we get closer and closer, and it is beautiful!! I love my sisters!! We may not see everything eye to eye, yet God put us in the same family for a reason. We help build each other. We encourage each other. And if we say something that hurts, we know we can talk about it. I know they are here for me as much as I am there for them. We are family and I love who God gave me to be my siblings!!!

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Friends… God gave me you for the ups and downs…  In relationships there are ups and downs, we won’t see everything eye to eye, we will have miscommunications… But will we let those hurts hinder our relationship?? Its like iron sharpening iron!! I am not perfect and neither is she, but together we can encourage each other, build each other up and gently maybe help them see areas they may need to improve on. Am I open to being ‘sharpened’? Is my attitude right? Will she feel ‘safe’ approaching me? I am so glad when friends come tell me I hurt them, or see an area to work on. No, it’s not easy right at first, pride and self rise up. But in the end, our relationship is stronger. And this can really apply in a marriage. There was a time I wondered how or why God lead my husband and I together. But now, I couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect for me!!! He compliments me where I lack, and I hope it’s vise versa.;)

And I am so very thankful for the friends in my life!! The encouragement they give, the encouragement I can give them. The things that I have gone through myself, the things I struggled with and found victory in or am still working through, I have found God uses me to help them. I don’t understand all the why’s of life’s struggles, but there are times I have found myself thankful for the path God has given me. No, it’s not easy, but it has made me more compassionate to others, more sensitive to their hurts and struggles through life.

It has made me appreciate my friends and the things they do for me. The notes they send, the short texts saying they are thinking of me, the many, many prayers I don’t even know about.

Oh, that I can be the friend that my friends are to me!!

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