Lyme & Me…

I went to my Lyme Dr. yesterday and we received a much better report than we were ever expecting!! He could find no active lyme, so that was exciting. But I have a big pocket of toxins in my brain and neck, which is what has been causing my headaches. (I had way too many last week.)

But the co-infection Babesia is still going strong!! Like I mentioned before it is a hard co-infection to get rid of. So I will be working on that one for a while yet. I will still be taking the Detox Herbal Blend from Dr. Lindsley and getting the toxins OUT!!! One major way is the liver flushes. I need to do at least 3, 4 is better, in the next months. I will try to do one every 3 wks. Babesia likes to hide in the tissues and the liver and in the liver stones. So it will be some hard work yet on my part.

The one good news is, he didn’t find signs of yeast in my body!!! So maybe all my anti-yeast programs have been doing more than I realized!! I am still not sure that I totally agree, but hey, I will hold on to any good signs of progress. I am not going to change my diet. Although I may allow gluten a little more. I still want to be careful to eat properly and keep building my immune system. Sugar is a HUGE immune system wrecker!!

Plus, on a side note, I am trying an anti-yeast program with the boys. I learned about it when I went to the home school convention in April, from Dianne Craft. She has an awesome website with lots of info in her articles archive. Some of them are the very ones she shared at the convention. Dianne focus’ on healing the brain by healing the stomach. She helps a lot of ADD, ADHD, etc. Most of those problems come from a compromised digestive system, so it’s not digesting food properly, thus your body is not getting the nutrition it needs. You have a leaky gut, and more… causing LOTS of issues you may not even realize stem from your own immune system, and bad gut flora.

Anyway, I am giving the boys grapefruit seed extract capsules 3x a day. I open one capsule and divide it out between the 3 of them in a spoonful of apple sauce. And then later give them each a capsule of probiotic (Nature’s Way Brand, Dianne’s recommendation). So you are killing and planting at the same time. She says to do it for 3 mths, then you can back off. But if you hit a time of lots of sweets, etc. (Holiday’s) then do it again for another month. So we will see what happens. It’s hard for me to always remember to give it. It is best to do before meals, but if I forget I figure it’s better with food than not at all.

I have had a rash on my chest and back for a while now and didn’t know what it was. Well, I finally showed Dr. Lindsley yesterday and he ran some tests and only came up with it being a parasite. So I am going to go through another parasite cleanse. Maybe one day I will get rid of all those nasty little buggers. He said as I am killing them, they are probably coming up through the skin. I had the boys doing a parasite cleanse last month, but I didn’t think I needed it as I had done it in Jan. in FL. They probably re-infected me, as it is something that is easily passed in a family!! If you treat parasites it is best to treat everyone at the same time!! So maybe I should do them again… grrr. Actually the GFS capsules should help them there too.

So now I am wondering if the other itchy ‘bite’ type spots I get are some type of parasites too. As they don’t follow a pattern of breaking out with certain foods I eat. Would be great if that would be all it is.:)

So that is our plans for the next few months… just keep killing and detoxing. I plan to start taking Bentonite Clay as well, to pull more toxins from the tissues and flush them out. I am really hoping to see big improvements with that. I will probably try sweat baths with the clay as well. I still really feel great improvements when I do them. I shed a lot of toxins that way.

I was also given a cream with some of the detox tinctures in it to rub on my hip and other joints that hurt. It will kill bacteria by absorbing it through the skin. And it helps with the pain as well. (He had forgotten to give it to me last month when I was there.)

So I am sitting near the top of the mountain we have been climbing for so long. Dr. Lindsley told me that yesterday and then this morning my Chiro I see 2x a week told me the same thing. So I’m starting to believe it. The end is in sight, and much sooner than we ever anticipated!!

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  2. Bev says:

    Yay! Yay! Yay!

  3. gold price says:

    In a 1990 study, grapefruit seed extract was found to perform as well or better than 30 antibiotics and 18 fungicides. However, as a non-toxic, natural remedy, it had none of the side effects of the other treatments!

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