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…Worth your time to read!!

Stress: The Overlooked Toxin – By Keeper of the Home I love this website, she always has good tips and how-to’s for healthy living,  healing, etc!!! She also has great tips for children’s health and wellness, doing it yourself and prevention.

My Researcher’s Own Story: Did Overzealous Screening Cause Her Cancer?? by Dr. Mercola. Just another conformation in my mind to not do screenings and eat healthy. It really is the best way!! Our body will fight cancer cells if we eat properly and live properly!! Be sure to read comments, you always learn so much from one another’s stories!! You can’t agree with everything everyone says, but it helps to know what others are learning too.

Breast Cancer Prevention-Keeping a Breast – Youtube video

Did you know infants have 287 toxins found in their cord blood?? (Stated on previous video) Many wonder why there are individuals who still get sick even when they are trying to eat/live healthy… Quote – ‘Yes a great diet & good habits like exercise & not smoking /drinking/etc are extremely important. However if you do all this and still get sick it would be prudent to seriously look at your exposure to heavy metals, halogens, and dental infections. In Dr Robert Dowling’s research virtually every woman with breast cancer had oral pathology; often occult and silent. If not addressed the cancer came back. If treated the cancer [or fibroid] often dissolved.’

A Lyme Video explaining how the body responds to lyme, becoming autoimmune. And the failure of short-term abx treatments and how boosting the immune system is a major key!! Christa also has a link to watch her story on video, prepare to cry as you watch her painful journey to health. (Yes, I have linked it before.)

We TimeAt Raising Arrows It’s about creating marital oneness, family bonds and being an example to my children on how to put others first. A very thought-provoking post!!

Love, Honor & Vacuum –  A great website for intimacy marriage. (Not for unmarried readers, since I know I have some of them here.) She has a Christian perspective and has opened my eyes to a lot of lies that the Devil has tricked us into believing. Our world is becoming so desensitized, and the lies are harder to pick out!! We need to be so careful who we listen to, what we watch, and believe!!

And if you want a tear-jerker… Read the last few posts on Sounds of Life. I think I found this blog through FB once upon a time… At times the heart cries, ‘Why’. But God has His reasons and purpose. All we can do is pray for them. (There are some beautiful pictures there, but the tears just want to fall!!)

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2 Responses to Random Links…

  1. Bev says:

    That last post is a tear-jerker.. I haven’t gotten to the rest yet. Yeah, my kids say I do things backwards! 🙂

  2. Gina says:

    What a treasure trove of links! I need to come back when I have more time!

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