My Baby is 3!!!

I really don’t know how he grew up so fast. But I have one thing I like… on the morning of his birthday I merrily told him he is ‘3’ now. He looks at me with all seriousness and says, ‘I ‘1’!!!’ So he is going backwards, and somehow, I don’t mind!!

Rylen David 3 yrs

Is this a typical 3 yr old type thing?? He got in a huge mud puddle along with his 3 brothers… I had a hard time deciding if they were wearing any clothes for a bit!!

My precious new-born baby boy!! We fell in love with him so fast. He was such a good baby, content and happy. So different from his older brother.

My 3 boys… Rylen 3mths.

 8mths old

My happy little 1 yr. old. And this picture was taken after spending the day on the streets passing out tracts, and singing in soup kitchens. Not much phases him in life!!

Not even a fractured elbow a yr later!! (Age 2)

My happy 3 yr old with his ‘neigh’. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he would always say, ‘a neigh’. So I got him a stick horse. But he didn’t know what to do with it at first and gave it to Jevan. So when Jevan began ‘riding’ his horse, he fast wanted it back!!! The hat came from Uncle Justin’s.

Mr. Sober, ‘this is a very solemn occasion’!! He dearly loved all his cupcakes. I found that stand at a garage sale for .25. I was so pleased.

The party guests, Delvyn’s sister, her husband and daughter came.

Grandpa Hershey gave this speed race car set… ALL the boys loved it!!!

And when there is field work to be done, and boys can’t ride with Dad. You do the next best thing. Lay right beside the road and watch all the action!!

Like this… We live on a busy County Road, so no, I was not impressed to see this. But I had to take a couple of pictures!! He was watching the tractors, which were way across the fields!! He would have had a much better view from inside the house!! And saved his Mom the heart-attack!!

We love you Rylen!! Our ever busy, easy-going, live-loving, always smiling and happy little boy!!

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