My Very ‘Different’ Day…

It started out good enough… I thought it would go smoothly. And it actually did. We just did more things than I had thought.

We had plans to go to the park on a picnic for lunch. It got bumped earlier, so my morning got shortened. I had a chiro appointment at 9:30. So I tried to do all I could before that. I even made body wash/hand soap, and did some wash. Got home later than planned, like 10:15. Then I had to scurry to get out the door in half an hour. (Didn’t quite make it.)

We had a lovely {windy} time at the park. Watched a big snake in the water swimming up-stream. Then walked around on the trails.

I decided to take Collin’s and Rylen’s birthday pictures. They didn’t cooperate at first. But I got a few good shots of each. So I am happy. Better than 2 mths late like I was last year.

Then we hurried home and I quick looked at the picture’s I took, on my computer. Then my mom and sisters came and we headed out to butcher some chickens. A few of them had went lame and were not doing so good. So Delvyn wanted us to get them in the freezer. We decided to make the mess worthwhile and did 12, even though they were a bit smaller than we like. And most of them were the bigger roosters. As we were cleaning up, I gave the chickens their feed back and noticed another lame one. So we quick did him up too. We were done and cleaned up by 4ish. (We keep getting faster the more often we do it.:) )

So now I have wings in the oven, and potato fries on the menu. I have NEVER before eaten chicken or any other meat on the day I butchered it. But somehow it is not affecting me today. We wondered if it was because it wasn’t so many, and we weren’t feeling so utterly grossed out by the end of a long day of butchering.

This little boy of mine has suddenly hit a new level of maturity. I find it amusing, but sad that he is growing up. Like he started winking at me, and he does it at just the right and appropriate moments. He just melts me heart. I love watching the emerging young man who is blossoming forth.

You know, long ago, they did that. Butchered a chicken for their meal, wonder if that’s why they could handle it. (Random thoughts we had.)

So now, this evening, hopefully we get some much-needed rain. It so so fierce windy out there, it better blow something in!! We are having random barrels and buckets flying from around the barn and merrily bouncing down the drive.

And this little boy is all his own… He does not have time to stop and take pictures!! But my cousin was able to get him to sit a bit longer til I got one I liked!! (Thanks Lys!! It was actually the first one of him up there.^^)

Well, I should go finish supper. And hopefully spend a relaxing evening with my family. And maybe tomorrow go get them exposed to some chicken pox. Collin had them at 7mths and the other 2 haven’t had them yet. So I want to get that done. Much as I don’t like the thought of sick kids, it’s better now then later!!

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2 Responses to My Very ‘Different’ Day…

  1. Esther says:

    I should head to WI and visit you when you have the chicken pox. My 3 haven’t had it yet and I wish they would get it. 🙂 But WI is a long, long way from TN. 🙂 Love your post!

    • TenderHerb says:

      I would LOVE to visit with you!!! So you may come any time!:) I didn’t go today then, as I am not feeling up to it. And my cousin isn’t sure they are contagious right now. So I’ll probably go next wk. And just see what happens.:) I know with the chicken pox vax they just don’t go around much.:(

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