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I said, ‘I can’t.’ But God Said, ‘Go.
I do all things, and you will know
The power of God, My hand, My skill,
If you move to do my will.’

I said, ‘I’m tired.’ But God said, ‘Rest,
The weight is Mine, and in this test
Lean hard on Me, and I’ll perform
A miracle within this storm.’

I said, ‘I’m scared!’ But God said, ‘Trust.
Fear flees before My hand, so just.
For power and love flow to combine
My vibrant life with your own mind.’

Our God is good! And He will seek
To bless the humble and the meek,
Who love, and thus obey their Lord,
And seize the promsie of His word.

-Edith S. Witmer –Photo source

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