A Hand, A Cut, Some Stitches, & An Infection…

Or you could title it ‘Cayenne Pepper, Colodial Silver, & Charcoal Powder’.

Back on June 23rd Delvyn, my wonderful hubby, cut a deep nasty gash on his left hand. And yes, he is a lefty!! In less than an hr we were planning to leave for the evening… He came into the kitchen as I was getting prepared to be gone for the next 4-5 hrs. I never like hearing ‘Honey’, in a shaky, weak way. My heart immediately does a flip-flop, as it is bound to be something bad.

I came into the kitchen to find my man sitting in a chair, hand firmly wrapped in a barn towel. ‘It’s bad’, was all he said and I seen lots of red oozing through and just went right for the cupboard for the cayenne pepper. I keep a least a jar full, in my kitchen. I started packing the wound full of pepper. And the bleeding immediately stopped.

Now what?? We could tell it was deep, wide and long. But we didn’t realize just how wide it was laying open. Hind-sight is always 20/20. We wrapped it up and decided to continue with our evening plans. He didn’t play volleyball, or do much of anything. But by the time we were ready to head home it was starting to bleed again.

Sat. morning we opened it all up and he began the job of cleaning it. We could tell it had done a lot of healing during the night. There was a lot of new tissue in the cut. And we were wishing so badly we would have pulled it together better!! It could have healed much nicer. There was lots of swelling and some other funny colors on his hand that we were just not sure about. So after much deliberation we decided to go to a Dr.

They pretty much chewed us out for waiting so long to come in. And he was impressed that it wasn’t very deep. Haha, we never did bother to tell him what we did with the cayenne pepper. Cayenne is a cell stimulator and it will speed healing overnight. They put 10 stitches in, one being what is called a mattress stitch. It has a knot on one side with the thread going in across and back to knot. That way there was not so much pull, as it was so wide.

This picture is after the nurse cleaned it all up.

It was so swollen that the Dr. was more concerned about that than the cut. So he told us to come back on Mon. for a recheck. (What a Monday that was!! More on that later…) And this picture is after stitches. Looks much better. They also gave him abx, to hopefully ward off infection.

But that didn’t work.:( By Monday when we got there his hand was infected up past his wrist. And they were very concerned!! Promptly putting him on iv abx. We had all the boys with us, as we thought it would be a fast in and out visit. So they brought them a small dvd player and a movie. And we were out of there in record time, as we had another appointment we needed to be at!!

Guess I should just explain the day here. I was gonna do another lyme update, which I still plan to do, but the day was all rolled into one. We had to be in an other town over 1.5 hrs away by 1:45. Plans had been to go back home, but that was all scrapped when we had to stay for iv abx. And we had fast trotting to do to get up to my lyme Dr. app.  We were only a few minutes late.:)

After showing the Dr. Delvyn’s hand, he got scared too. And then we began realizing the seriousness of the situation. He mixed up some cream with colloidal silver and golden seal extract in it to put on the cut to kill the infection. And also gave a bottle of the colloidal silver for Delvyn to take. I told him about using a charcoal poultice to draw out the infection and he said yes, do that too.

So for the next 4-5 nights we did a small charcoal poultice on the cut. Delvyn was not impressed, as he had to have a heating pad on it. But by Tues morning there was a visible difference in the swelling. The top of his hand was much flatter, but it took a while to pull it out of his wrist and fingers. We kept the cream on it during the day and kept it wrapped as well. And he was also taking strong abx.

Finally by the one week point, he was able to play softball. Since it was on his left hand and he is a lefty, the glove was on his right. He was careful when he went to bat and throw. At first I had told him no playing, but a good ball game is his favorite sport.

Then on the 3rd, of July, we took the rest of his stitches out. A couple had come out on their own. And the rest we could tell it was high time they come out…

Now we have been keeping it moist with my homemade salve, and waiting for the movement to come back in the index finger. There is still swelling in that knuckle, and he is slowly being able to lift it more and more.

So we have much to be thankful for.

Oh, I suppose for those that don’t know, I should say what happened. Delvyn was feeding cows in the barn, using an electric feed cart. He took the one corner too sharp and his hand met the raw end of a pipe, neatly cutting the gash. Yes, he was in a hurry and had things on his mind… never a good thing. But how many, many times he has taken that same corner.

Just another day in the life on a farm… and one day I will do some more updates. Life has just been C.r.A.z.Y. busy the last month!! Hopefully after next week it will slow down. But I am feeling so good I am not minding it.

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3 Responses to A Hand, A Cut, Some Stitches, & An Infection…

  1. Brenda says:

    Just looks quite painful! Glad its doing alright,tho. You just never know what will happen in a day in the life on a farm…I remember how that goes!

  2. Heidi R says:

    Wow, what a cut! The joys of farm life! It’s fun to have you “back.” I was hoping you weren’t gone for a while because you were feeling unwell. Prayed for you. Sounds like your life is busy & full right now! Blessings! : )

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