Martin Family Reunion & ‘Danny’

Friday morning found me flying hurrying around here getting things packed and into the van. We had decided the evening before, while heading to town for a few hours of shopping for VBS Craft supplies, to leave 2 hrs earlier and visit my Aunt and cousin in IA in route to MO.

I am still kicking irked at myself, for not taking any pictures while visiting my cousins farm. The boys had so much fun, pestering a favorite cousin of theirs, asking him bushels of questions, looking into every wagon, bin and building around, and giving their opinions on the looks of the cows and whether they thought they were good quality or not. But it was a great half-way-there-stop-and-let-them-run-around-and-stretch-a-while stop!!

We then headed right for Memphis, MO, and a friend’s place for the evening and the night. I had went to school with her, well, sorta. She was a first grader with my youngest brother, if that tells you anything. But we had a good time, great visit, and they have a cute little place way back in the lovely rolling hills. And it was green!!! (It’s brown here.)

At 10:30 we arrived at the Hillcrest Reception Center, for the BIG Martin Reunion. Big, as in 300 people were there!! My husband’s Grandparents are no longer living, but they have a very large legacy left behind… It was my 2nd reunion (every 5yrs), but still overwhelming. Just so many people. I told Collin that he is related to every single person in the room, and it just sorta went over his head, a bit too much for his little brain.

There were 14 children, 11 living (One brother is missing in the picture). 83 Grandchildren, 81 living. 350 Great-Grands, and 16 Great Great Grandchildren. Just a random figure, Collin is # 225. Delvyn’s Dad is 2nd to the youngest, I never met either Grandparent, although I did attend his Grandma’s funeral, Aug. of 2004. (I hope I have all this info right.)

We did have a very enjoyable day, visiting with cousins, Aunt and Uncles. The boys had fun playing with their 2nd cousins. They remembered some from visits in the past 1 1/2yrs, so that really helped. Collin did come to me once, shedding buckets of tears, he was just feeling so over whelmed by it all. But after that he was fine. And Rylen wiped out just before supper.

I had to feel for one cousin, she has twin girls, 9mths old. They are the cutest little girls, but the whole trip out from PA, so many people and they had enough. So their mom was busy with one baby or the other all day. She also has twin boys, 4 yrs old. There are at least 7 sets of twins in the Martin Family. (I’m not sure I got them all.)

That evening we went an hour south to spend the night with Delvyn’s cousin. The boys had a BLAST!!! They have this miniature donkey… ‘Danny’. So all the little cousins (and a couple big ones) had a great time taking turns riding this relatively stubborn donkey!!

Any one know how many people it takes to ride a donkey?? At least 3!! Also throw in a couple of dogs or 3. And when your husband rides it, it makes for many laughs!!

Jevan gets a ride. These two boys are just 3 days apart in age.

Collin’s turn.

I love this picture… Katrina was enjoying her job!!:)

And Rylen was unsure of the whole thing. I put him on the donkey once, but he protested the whole time!! He was happy just to watch from the sidelines.

Cute Adrien… he loved riding ‘Danny the Donkey’. We laughed when Madison was showing his sister Katrina how to get on Danny. He took a running start, leaped onto his back, and… right over the other side!! She decided she didn’t like his way of mounting, and had her Dad help her.

I had a scare Sunday Morning… our alarm clock was set an hour fast, and I didn’t know it. So I got up just before 7, I thought!! I went down to the bathroom, the door was shut. But no sound was coming from inside. So I tried the door knob, it turned, but the door would not budge. So I didn’t know what to do. I listened again, still no sound from inside. So I tried again. This time the door moved just a bit. I got it about 3 inches open when 2 noses poke out at me. I gulped as I heard this ‘wump’ noise deep in a throat. And then I 4 tiny feet prancing about my feet, licking me and acting glad to see me. But, boy, I was NOT happy to see them!! I calmed my beating heart, and then beat them to the door and told them to beat it out of there!!! All but for Mini, who insisted on staying in the bathroom with me. She wasn’t so bad, she is smaller than a cat. But those other 2 dogs!!!!… I was more than happy to usher them Out.The.Door!!!

We had a good laugh about it later… I told them they can be so glad I am not one who is quick to scream!! Or the whole house would have been woke up, a whole hour before we needed to be!!

These unfinished steps gave me many heart attacks too. The boys loved playing on and around them… but that drop off was about too much. Boys just love a good dare. But no one fell, and no one got hurt. And next time we visit, I’m sure things will be a bit more completed.

It was a cute place, a small house, but perfect for 2 people, (and 3 dogs.) They are remodeling it all, and are in the finishing stages. It had been an Amish house, so it has come along ways!!

All too soon it was time to leave… we got home around 11:30 Sunday night. And this week we have VBS every evening. And I am doing the Craft Station along with my sister Linda. It’s fun, but I can tell I am not as full of pep as I was a month ago… One day at a time, is my promise!!:)

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