VBS 2012

‘Jesus the Miracle Man’  was our theme for the week.

Most of the group of children giving the program Friday evening… My 2 youngest decided they didn’t want to get up and sing in front of everyone.

I did the Craft Station, along with my sister Linda. We had a lot of fun, even though it made for a busy evening and week. Some one requested pictures of every nights craft, so I thought I would just post them here. (I did discover I didn’t take any picture the last evening. We were so pushed for time, I forgot to do that!!)

‘Storm in a bottle’ – Lesson was Jesus Calms the Storm. They all had fun with this one. We put some sand in the bottom of the bottle, added some pebbles, sea shells, and a plastic fish that didn’t float!! Filled it with water, a drop of blue food coloring and a bit of dishsoap. Glued the cap on and when you shook it, it made a fun storm.

Levanna picking out her shells… so many to choose from, it takes time.

‘The Blind Man with Mud’ – the kids were not so impressed with our 2nd craft. But we sure had fun watching them… paint blind!!!

‘Healing the Lame Man through the Roof’… Wed. nights theme. And Lys does not like her picture taken, but I got this one and love it. (Hi, Lys!!)

We made stretchers, fabric glued between popsicle sticks, and pipecleaner men. It was interesting to see what they came up with. Especially the older group… they were making all sorts of interesting items for their man in bed.

‘Lazarus-Jesus Gives Life’- Thurs. nights theme. We decorated flower pots, filled ’em with dirt and a few flower seeds.

Those seeds are tiny, for little hands, but they did so good!! Love seeing all their creativity come out.

Friday nights craft was making a key chain with each childs name on it. The lesson that night was ‘Zacchaeus-Salvation’. We used those narrow leather strips and beads, put on a key ring. I got a couple of packs of letter beads and then the normal ‘Pony Beads’, along with a few random ones left over from a craft last year. (My little boys had so much fun stringing beads, I decided it would be a great ‘school craft’ ‘Activity time’ thing while doing school with Collin this winter.)

Linda having fun with the middle group…

Singing with the youngest group, we almost always got done before time was up, so had to entertain them somehow.

Group picture of the youngest group… love these little guys, and girls.

The middle group. Collin was so pleased to finally move out of the ‘little guys’ and in with an older group. He had fallen that afternoon at home, so was sporting a lovely nasty bruise on his lip and cheek, as well as a black and blue spot on his upper arm.

I love this picture… My brother and my Hubby playing ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ with the youngest group during Game Time. (Snapped out the back window of the house.)

Milton was very creative in his games. The one evening it rained, (Thankfully, we are so dry here no one complained!!) so he came up with his own indoor games. This one they stacked cups in a pyramid on top of the stove then threw a frisbee to knock them over, sorta like bowling.

The little guys listening to Bible Story Time. Not a good idea to go in a take pictures of them, it’s a huge distraction!!

The 2 favorite songs are ‘Walk, Walk, Walk’. And ‘Wrapped Up, Tied Up, Tangled Up in Jesus’. Here they are doing the motions to ‘Wrapped Up’.

This is a clip of my ‘baby’ singing doing the motions to ‘Walking in the Light of God’ (Walk, Walk, Walk)

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