Camping, Cups, & Names

What title do you give a post like this?? This is just a ‘Works for Me’ post, I thought I’d share…

Every time we go camping we have a marker by the plastic, disposable cups for people to write their names on so they can reuse their cups. It works. Somewhat. I still ended up misplacing my cup somewhere, as I set it down in any odd spot and mentally told myself to remember where it is the next time I want a drink. Haha, sometimes I remembered and sometimes I didn’t.

Then I thought of this idea. And I honestly don’t even remember if it is original with me or if I seen the idea online or else where (I’m guessing I seen somewhere or read it somewhere.) I tried it last fall for the first time, in the middle of the time I was really not feeling good.

I strung up a clothes-line, and wrote each persons name on it. Then we didn’t have to worry about a marker for names, each person could put their cup on their clothes pin. It really does work really good, but some didn’t like that it was right side up. Thus keeping the last drips and drops from your last drink in there. Potentially attracting bugs. Some figured out how to keep their cups upside down.

At our church campout this spring, we just strung a line up, plopped on a bunch of pins and then let people use it as they wanted to, after they wrote their name on their cup. At my Grandparents they have a lattice that has bigger holes and we use that to pop our cups into.

Some liked using the line and pins, others didn’t. Anyone have any other ideas of what works for them??

*Edit to add… Another idea… When you put the pins back into your clothes pin bag and you see a name, say a prayer for them. I have loved doing that since we went camping almost a year ago.

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One Response to Camping, Cups, & Names

  1. We have a set of non-disposable cups that we take with us. We don’t worry so much about whose cup is whose, they are washed after every meal with the plates and cutlery.

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