Tomatoes and More Tomatoes…

So when you are blessed with a pallet, plus a couple more stacks, of cherry tomatoes, you make juice!! Er, but in our case we didn’t juice, we stewed most and made 6 batches of salsa. Plus gave lots and lots away!!!

Rylen could open the plastic boxes, then one of the boys or I would sort through them. But ’til the end they were all so tired of it, he was just dumping them out and picking out the worse ones.

Filling jars. I did a few jars with whole tomatoes, but decided I didn’t like it. So their ‘fun’ job quit.

Hard at it. I love this picture, so typical boy style!! Always looking to make a job easier. And looking for ways to make it more fun!! They did an awesome job of helping me. They would open and empty containers, picking out the worst of them. Then I would just have to wash and do a quick re-sort.

Then I put them through my food processor, straining out a lot of the liquid, before filling jars for stewed tomatoes. For my salsa I cheated and used Mrs. Wages Salsa pkg. from Wal-Mart. They are so simple and so good.

And life on a farm happens… this calf followed Collin to the house from the calf shed. So she hung out around the house for a bit. (Picture taken through the window.) My parents and Grandma Hershey had stopped in for a bit. (It was so nice seeing my Grandma again.) So after they left Collin and I attempted to take her home. Hmmm, stubborn thing. We finally loaded her in the wagon and pulled her back. There are times I wish someone else could follow me around and take pictures of me!!

The end results of the boy’s work. They folded all the black flats and stacked all the plastic containers. Never were they so glad to see a day end. They worked hard, I am so blessed!! They did learn that if Mom sent them out with the garbage, she didn’t make them work right away again. So they had fun breaks in there too.

And the end result of my work…

40 pints – Salsa

33 quarts – Stewed Tomatoes

53 pints – Stewed Tomatoes

All but 2 sealed!! A canner’s delight!!

(I had done some Fri. night, so not all the jars are pictured.)

I miss having a garden again this summer. But I am enjoying the break once again. And God always provides for us. We are so blessed!!

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