All In A Days Work…

In one wk we are hosting our County Twilight Meetings. And now that life has finally slowed down a bit, it is time to tackle all my flowerbeds that have been sorely neglected this summer. Er, and spring.

We started with pulling all the little and not so little trees out of flowerbeds, with the lawn mower and then the skidsteer.

Rylen is playing the school-house, in the grass catcher. Notice the wall of chalk boards.

And all the bookcases… DON’T notice everything else. It actually looks better than it did a few wks ago. We are slowly cleaning it out again. It is one of those ‘catch-all’ buildings, and garage for Delvyn’s truck. I would love to fix this building up one day, but…

We also tackled this bed. It has been FULL of nasty quack grass, or whatever it is, and you can’t pull it out, ever since we moved here 4 yrs ago. This yr. I just gave up and it looked so nasty, and it is right by the road…

We decided the easiest thing would be to use the skidsteer and just SCOOP all the weeds out, plants and all. I did save a few plants. And left the rosebush by the guide wire there.

Today we put in a layer of manure, a thick layer of newspaper, and then lots of mulch. We have friends who work at a sawmill/dry kiln, so have LOTS of sawdust. We have been told it works as a great mulch!! I don’t plan to plant anything in there until next yr. And just let it start breaking down, and finish killing off whatever weeds are left. So I am going to put some potted planters in there for next wk.

My men hard at it…

We found some Christmas flyers from last yr. Guess who is now dreaming of Christmas, gifts and snow.

Looks so much better doesn’t it??!!!!?!??!?!

Follow the Leader. He was copying Aunt Linda and the way she was carrying her rakes.

I forgot to take a picture before we started… so just imagine a bed FULL of tea, weeds, briars, and a few flowers…

It looked something like this… which is the back corner of the other picture. There are about more weeds than flowers. This the back of the garage.

After we are done weeding. We are leaving the ferns.

I did this much on my own. And decided I would just let my hubby shovel the mulch. That stuff is heavy!! But I am loving the new look. We are letting this sit dormant for the yr. We didn’t dig out the weeds. So it has a very thick layer of mulch.

And the side with the ferns. We are going to make it narrower, so we need to reseed some back into grass. It is a much more manageable size now.

We also weeded the sandbox and behind and the bed beside it. (Which that bed wasn’t so bad, I had been keeping up with that one this year.

After… But this was before we dumped what was left of the mulch behind it… filling it up very well. But we need to finish the flowerbed part yet.

Cheering… the truck is empty!!! (It had been VERY full!!!!) Until we get the next load… which will be the 3rd one… I am trying out the new way of gardening I learned about in the Back to Eden film. Sawdust is not exactly what they recommend, but for my flowerbeds, and to start with, that is what we are doing for now. Eventually, I want to do my garden area, but will probably use the regular bark mulch from a chipper.

So in all we had a good day… my sister powerwashed the garage floor. Then later I washed down the side of the kitchen and garage siding. And then washed the whole driveway, that is cement and black top. Looks so nice!!! I have washed parts other years, but this was the first I did the WHOLE thing at once!!

I do believe I will be sore tomorrow… But I am so glad, it’s such a good feeling to get so much done. Jevan has been sick last 3 days, and not sleeping good at night. So we are hoping he does better tonight, or his Mom & Dad may not hear him when he wakes up.

Oh, I have to say, I would NEVER have gotten this all done by myself!! My Mom and 2 sisters came to help. It is my Mom’s birthday today, and it was wonderful to spend it together. I love working with my Mom and sisters.

And I can’t end a post without a farm picture. This little heifer calf was the 3rd heifer born today. If that doesn’t make a farmer smile…

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3 Responses to All In A Days Work…

  1. Brenda says:

    Love the picture of Rylen looking at the flyers.:) Just made me smile.

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