‘Memories of Yesteryear’

So while I actually feel like I can sit and do ‘nothing’, (what Mom actually can do that?? Not this one. Someone will soon need something!!) But my house is clean, the yard is clean, as in flowerbeds up to snuff, and it’s all neatly trimmed. We could never have done it all ourselves, thanks to Delvyn’s parents and brother, they did a lot of work!!

It is kind of a fun thought, in the novelty sort of way, that there is going to be a ‘party’ at our house tonight with over 200 people. And I am not doing a thing out there to help!! There are guys buzzing all over, setting up bales of straw with boards for benches, an outhouse was delivered, 8 gallons of ice cream are chilling in my freezer, 5 crates of pints of chocolate and regular milk are chilling in a huge bucket of ice out there somewhere. (They had been in my garage.) An unknown number of guys are cleaning and primping 12 ladies in the barn, their stalls, tails and I’m sure eye lashes, though I can’t say for sure.;) I mean, there are gonna be 200+ people looking at them tonight. I’d sure wanna look my best, from the front side, not just the back-end. I would sure dislike being paraded like that. Guess that’s one blessing of being a human and not a cow. (And just so you know, I do know a lot about cows… too much sometimes. Did you know that a human and cows cycles are much the same?? Hormonal and all?? Don’t ask how I know. I may or may not be married to a farmer.)

So now to the post at hand… (told you I wouldn’t get far before I needed to help someone. This time it was for a movie change. Jevan went with me to the library and we quick grabbed a couple of kids movies. I think it is a good thing… now they are happy to be in the house and not out there underfoot. Asking the guys a million and one questions, of which said guys probably wouldn’t understand half of the questions asked.)

Anyway… back to this post… I will get it posted one day.

Wwwwaaaayyy back in June we had a school reunion. The 20th Yr Anniversary Reunion. It is so hard to believe that I am really getting to be that old. I don’t feel like I have actually lived 30 yrs. My brain doesn’t feel so experienced in life. I mean, when I was young and was around 30 yr olds, they seemed so old and mature. They were wise and someone to be looked up to. Now here I am and I sure don’t feel so old and mature, much less wise. The older I get the less I know!!

But once upon a time I WAS 10 yrs old. And we made a BIG move from the Northwoods to 3 hrs south. It seemed so far away, and fun, exciting and scary all at the same time. I moved away from all our family, cousins, aunts and uncles. And most important of all, my Grandparents. My 2 best friends were my cousins, one from each side of the family. We went to the same church and did everything together.

We moved to a place that was so different. One -our church was in town. Which meant our school was in town. We couldn’t play ball every day, we had to be careful of balls going into the street no matter what game we played. And we didn’t have an ice rink in the back yard at school to skate on all winter.

I also went from a much bigger school to a very tiny one. The first yr there was 18 students!! But we made lots of great memories that first year. Since we didn’t have many students, we did everything together, from recess, to story time, to art.

The students that first yr… 1993-1994. I don’t think I ever realized just how old, er, young, my teachers were while I was being taught. Or if I did, didn’t really think much about it, until the reunion and I realized they were only 18. And both of them came from far, far away!!! One was from Washington State, and the other AB. Canada. How brave of them to come to a midwest state. I remember holding them in high esteem, they were my teachers and I always loved my teachers!!! They were so wise to be teaching us, they had the answers to everything, and they were special friends. But now, I think about the age of 18, and I can’t imagine myself going off to teach somewhere when I was that age, away from home and family. I know I wouldn’t have been ready for that. It just seems so young!!! Hope my sisters don’t get any brainy ideas…

And the way we look, 20 yrs later…

All but 1 of the original first year students and 1 teacher, were able to be there for the reunion.

And this is the 2nd year of school ’94-’95. We had 32 students that yrs. A big jump in numbers. Not all of the students were able to make it to the reunion. But a majority of them did.

We had different ones get up and redo some of the poems and songs we sang at programs. We had also had a time of singing the old school favorites, like, Puffer-Billies, Kookaburra…

Luci, (teacher) read her story she wrote for the yr book that first school year. It was entitled, ’10 Years From Now’. There was much amusement from the spouses that were there, and some laughs from those who’s lives are not at all like imagined. But it was such a fun story and she is such a good writer!!

Rylen listening to the programs that were recorded and playing from yrs gone by.

And then at the end of the day we had a fun game of ‘Dodge Ball’. It was the school favorite… How could we not play?? Even if it was 90*+.

It was amazing to see everyone still jump and move the same way they did so long ago. Well, mostly, anyway. We couldn’t play in the spot we normally did, on the driveway, one side being the church wall. So we didn’t have that ‘safe side’. And we played some ‘boys against the girls’ games. And for the record, that fence wasn’t there back then. But even with it there, we still had some balls go into the street.

Visiting before heading to the park for supper and a ball game in the evening.

Playing ball…

It was an awesome day. Full of memories and fun. Learning to know some all over again, and others just rebuilding friendships.

The two girls who sorta replaced my old friends… (there is nothing like cousins!!) I was right between these two sisters in age. So we did a lot together. We took a picture just for old times sake. They moved to WV, and we don’t get to see each other very often anymore.

And just a random piece of info… Delvyn and I were school-mates. (He wasn’t there the whole first yr, so he is not on that first school picture. They moved into the area in Mar. ’94) Delvyn’s sister married a schoolmate, Justin, and Justin’s sister married a schoolmate. Naturally, we all live in this area yet.  

Now… I can go back to work. Well, not really. There is not much to do. I don’t feel like I can go outside, so many people around… The boys went out and fed calves, but are now back in watching the ‘new movies’ again. So maybe I will work on some scrapbooking, or maybe polish up another post I was working on… Who knows. I really don’t mind feeling lazy at all. Some how I feel like I deserve this break.

Btw, did you find me in that picture up there?? (’93-’94)You get bonus points if you do. Not sure what you get to put them towards… but start adding them up. Maybe one day you will win something from me.:) Oh, but those who know the picture… well, not sure that’s fair!! (It also doesn’t work to try to edit your post when you are on the preview page. Yep, I’m dumb like that.)

Have a great evening all!!!

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3 Responses to ‘Memories of Yesteryear’

  1. Luci says:

    Love this post, Lois! I am sure you are glad that your big evening is behind you and now you can relax with a nice tidy yard and house. Although….how long do things stay that way?? 🙂

    I am taking a bit of an internet break, but I had to read this, of course!! I love the picture of you and Lori and Nancy. That was a fun, fun weekend for me. I can’t believe, either, that Jenny and I were only 18 when we started teaching. And it’s sad that you had to leave your favorite cousins when you left Northwoods. Must have been Mary Emma and Bev??? I can’t think who else on the Hershey side.

    Do I get points for picking you out? 😉

    • TenderHerb says:

      Thanks!! It was actually Shy, Bev’s sister. So that was pretty close. Shy and I are closer in age, actually just a few months apart. Bev is like 5 yrs older. But now she is my closest friend, besides sisters.:)

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