Randomness, in-all-it’s-glory. Plus some Homemade Humor

The post in which she is totally, completely and oddly random. And she wonders at the wisdom of publishing such an odd post for the world to see and read and comment on. But she wants to remember these things that happened THIS summer. A summer so wonderful, she has to pinch herself that it has actually happened. She feels like she has really lived in the moments. The events of life. Enjoying them to the fullest, and not feeling so worn out by the end of each day that she dreads the next one. Yes, her life has been FULL and over flowing.

A short recap… Moving my sister into a small house in June. And Delvyn decided to slash his hand open. The end of June we helped get ready for a 20th Year School Reunion on June 30th. We had a great day, full of memories, visiting, pictures, and a good game of dodge ball in 95+* heat!! My brother, his wife and 3 darling boys were around for over a wk. So we packed in a shopping trip to the Amish, swimming, double date, 4th of July Fireworks, and then that weekend, the 6th-8th, we went to my Grandparents for a fun 3 days of memory making & reminiscing, at the Gingerich Family Reunion. We also attended a large Martin Family Reunion the following wkend, the 13th-15th, in MO. With around 300 people there. On Monday the 16th our Church’s VBS started for the wk. Then on the 23rd. the 2 oldest boys attended another VBS for the wk, as well as swim lessons the next 2 wk.. We finished the boys swing set one evening with Delvyn’s parent’s help. Wow, never thought it would take a whole yr to do it. Ever notice how we are prone to procrastinate around here?? The next week began some full days of doing sweet corn!!! Till all was said and done 5700 ears of corn were done up!! And when Aug. hit we started doing some fast tracks for getting the farm cleaned up. But we still found time for some fun… a ball game, suppers with friends, and lots swimming, a county Rodeo… and who knows what else I am forgetting.

So here is a round-up of random tidbits, info & humor of the little boys from the last while… it’s easier to number them, then try to make them flow as a post.

1 – The smell of gas will come out of clothes. But only if you wash them 5 times in Baking Soda and in Vinegar. We won’t mention THE son that did it… oh, and, well, don’t light a match in the school-house. We would like to keep that building!!!

2 – I thought only girls would play ‘having babies’, ‘stuffing stuffed animals under shirts’ and ‘I can only have twins, Mom’. And later… what’s the fun of ‘laying eggs’?? He was sitting on a cluster of 10!!

3 – Coconut oil is my new favorite friend!! For all things skin related, not just in the kitchen!! Next time I make lotion, I’m using it in there!! I have been using it on a certain boy’s sore bottom. See #4. And here are a couple of posts with LOTS of ideas for coconut oil. Wonderful Coconut Oil52 Uses for Coconut Oil122 uses for Coconut Oil.

4 – Rylen!! *sigh* I never had a kid dribble on his shorts and pants so much Every.time.he.goes.pee!!! We go through 5+ outfits a day. He *stinks*. He showers a lot!! Any ideas to stop it?? He waits too long to go pee, and can’t hold it!!

5 – Someone asked us if our yard is covered in mulch yet. We picked up the 4th load of mulch, and still had 1 more to get!! Our yard is not covered, but our flowerbeds are. Yes, there are a lot, hence we waited so long to do it. And now we are putting on a THICK layer. It’s free, so we are loving the fresh look!!!!

6 – Thursday Night was the Monroe County Twilight Meetings. Held here. The reason for nice flowerbeds, and a very neatly trimmed yard. I’m enjoying the reason for getting things done that don’t get done as they just aren’t important enough.

7 – Collin made breakfast one morning ‘all by his self’!!! Scrambled eggs, of which his Father wouldn’t eat, they were, umm, let’s just say, underdone. He had NO supervision at.all. He made a dozen eggs for 2 kids, counting himself. Jevan doesn’t like eggs much, and his Dad didn’t order his eggs that way!! There were lots of eggs left out on the counter. I made sweet potato pancakes for Jevan and I, and we had to share with the other 2. Who, by then, decided to eat a 2nd round.

8 – Now, after playing outside for a couple of hours, they came in the house, stripped and jumped in the tub. Without their Mother saying a word. Maybe they are getting the hang of somethings yet!! They go through 3 sets of clothes a day, per child. Except for the 3rd child. He does more like 5+, (see #4). They go out to play, in the barn, calf shed… wherever, and they always.come.in.smelly. I would rather them change, and spare the house of the smell then have my whole house smelling like the barn. So I do wash all. the. time. (Oh, the reason for this shower is that they were playing in all the straw left from the twilight meeting.)

9 – I still hang wash in my living room, on one line. Mostly the jeans, but on the super hot days I did all that I could and just kept rotating things as they dried. One day I will have a line outside again. When I feel I feel good enough to lug wash baskets up and down a flight of steps all day.

10 – I am feeling good!!! We are so thankful for that!! I am enjoying this summer so much!!! A lot more than any summer I can remember in a long, long time!!! And that is saying a lot!! Delvyn encouraged me to take the boys swimming a lot this summer. So we went pretty much every week for a while there. I enjoyed it as much as they did. They worked hard to get things done before we went, and helped good after we got home. I can tell that I can do too much. But that limit keeps getting pushed further and further out. And it makes me smile!!

11 – I enrolled Collin and Jevan in swim lessons for 2wks in July. They were both very nervous about it, but did ok. Collin is still timid about it all, but will get the hang of it. Jevan on the other hard… ehhhmmmm. He has a long ways to go. He HATES getting his ears and eyes full of water. So not sure what I will do with him. I really want all 3 to learn to swim, as neither Delvyn & I know how. And next year Rylen will be able to go.

12 – The boys are just growing up so much. I struggle with knowing I am failing to teach them in many, many ways. But then I see the little things they are learning, I see their tender hearts, and desire to learn and grow and know that in spite of my shortcomings, God is raising them up.

13 – I organized the school closet, in between all the other things I have going lately. And the boys are all excited for school to start. I am not sure I am totally ready, but it is so fun to see them so excited for learning. But I know how fast it can peter out. I got Jevan a preschool curriculum. So he can’t wait to dive into those fun looking books. And I know Rylen will want his own books too. So I am finding things to print out online for free and I did pick up a couple of books from Wal-Mart. We will see how this all goes… last yr. we were more lax about it. As it took only about an hour to ‘do school’. But I am looking forward to a better daily routine.

14 – I have lots of digi-scrapping to do before the end of the month!!! I have a groupon coupon that expires for Mixbook. So I am working on my 2010 pictures, putting one yr in an album. The boys have loved the books that I am getting done. They are so fun to look at. I love being able to do them online, it’s faster, less mess, and simpler for me to do it this way. And so far I have loved the quality of the books.

15 – We are looking forward to a trip to PA in Sept.

16 – The things kids say… I am trying to get in the groove of cool mornings again. I love every season, but don’t like such abrupt changes from hot to cold!! The other morning as the boys were getting ready to go out with their Dad to go get the escaped heifers, I told them to put on sweatshirts. Jevan had a bill cap and he informed me he was gonna ‘wear it so his hair doesn’t get cold’!!! Love that kid!!

17 – More on THAT kid… he still sucks his thumb. And we are trying to figure something out to encourage him to stop it. We thought maybe he should wait to ‘do school’ until he stops sucking his thumb. Hmmm, that threat just might work. He promptly was like ‘I not suck my fumb any more!!’ But we still catch him with it in his mouth. Although it has made him much more aware of how often he pops that things in between his lips to rest upon his tongue. Yesterday I remembered some ‘thumb stop’ I had picked up a while ago, so I liberally put it on his thumbs, telling him that when he tasted that nasty stuff it would remind him not to suck his thumb. I forgot all about it until at the supper table when he was waiting for prayer. I noticed him merrily sucking THAT thumb again!! I quick asked him, ‘Hey, where did that nasty tasting stuff go??’ He gets this sheepish look on his face. ‘It washed off’. Maybe I need to stay on it more and reapply a few times a day!!!

18 – Why do kids outgrow naps so fast?? Much faster than I am ready for them too?? Jevan has actually been needing them a bit more lately with our late nights, but Rylen!!!… He could live without them!! *sigh* If he does take a nap, he will take a long time to go to sleep. So we try to keep them short, ’cause at night then he will still be ‘partying’ long past the time everyone else is sleeping. And then still gets up around 6 or 6:30. So Friday I let them all skip naps. It still didn’t work so great… Jevan went to sleep fairly fast, Collin is his Father’s son and drops like a light bulb being turned off. But Rylen, he was still singing and playing and hollering after 9:30, and they had went to bed a bit after 8.

19 – I am still trying to figure out what I am ‘allergic’ to. It has to be gluten or dairy or maybe both.:( I keep trying to be faithful at staying away from them, but it is so hard!!! All my reaction is, is those nasty itchy bumps that are just random. The more I eat, the worse they get. If I cut back, they start to go away. So that is so nice to know now. I will keep trying to figure it out… The boys are doing good. Jevan is still quick to complain if he has eaten to much of the wrong foods!! So I know his stomach is still a mess. But I feel like we are slowly getting on top of things.

20 – And WHAT do you do with a kid that wants his birthday, and it’s not ’til Nov.?? At least it is the first day in Nov!!! But he asks every.single.day. And many times a day… in this buggy, whiny, annoying sort of way, ‘When my birfday coming??’. It won’t come fast enough for him, or for me for that matter!!

21 – Oh, the delight your hubby has when he scares his wife and makes her scream. Royally too!!!! I am not one that scares or jumps easily, much less screams. So it just makes his day!! Glad I can give him the pleasure now and then. Lol!!

22 – I can’t wait til a certain 3 yr old starts talking more. He still has a very limited vocabulary, which is slowly growing. Key word being ‘slowly‘!!! But give him a few more months and we should see great progress. My boys start talking around 3 1/2yrs. It has many, many frustrations… for all involved!! The next child will be taught some sign language!!

23 – Humor in the homemade form is the BEST!!! And a homemade rodeo… it tops them all. We started raising our own heifer calves until they are weaned. The boys love the job (most days) of bottle & bucket feeding them. So with a shed full of very young calves, it can make life interesting… Like spooking from a loud mower roaming with just a thin, tin wall between. The one day I was merrily mowing and spooked 2 calves, whom I noted that at their rate of speed and leaps, they were going to escape the confines of their pen. But I didn’t see them anymore. Until later, as I was mowing up and down the yard, mowing away from the shed and then coming back. As I would come up toward the shed, I noticed Collin carefully herding the 2 escapees back to the shed. I’d get the shed, make my turn and head away again. As I came back toward the shed I seen Collin was once again outside, rounding them up and herding them back into the shed. I made my loop, heading back toward the road. Then turning, I headed back up toward the shed… and there was Collin and his 2 calves. He was pushing them back into the shed. As I got closer I hollered ‘Do you want me to stop and help you??’ He just shook his head NO, merrily grinning at me like he was having the time of his life!!! So I let them have their fun and get their exercise, I’m sure those calves were mighty hungry ’til their supper time rolled around!!

24 – Another day, when we were in the middle of doing be-goo-dles of tomatoes… My parents stopped in with my Grandma. So the boys had taken Grandpa out to see all the calves (their favorite place to take visitors, so if you visit you maybe escorted out there!!). Well, the newborn calf decided to follow the boys back up to the house. She bawled, standing outside the garage door, and then investigated the strange van. Rylen when out and initiated her into the world of ‘being a cow’, and ‘milked’ the poor thing. Collin tried to push her back to the shed, but she was so confused and wanted her ‘ma’. I went out and tried to help him, we both pushed and pulled on her, but she didn’t budge. Finally, after much frustration, I thought of the wagon… so we loaded her up and hauled her home!! She just curled up and enjoyed her ride. And those are the moments I wish I had someone around to take pictures of ‘life in action’.

25 –  I told Collin to carry some canning stuff down to the basement. It was a big tub with a big stainless steel bowl and a bucket of jar rings, and the pressure cooker. He carried the tub part way down the steps and came back for the cooker. After one step he realized he was going to knock the tub and it’s contents the rest of the way down the steps. So he told Jevan ‘Help me’. Of course Jevan being obstinate, just looked at him like ‘You got yourself into the pickle you can get yourself out.’ I looked over and not realizing the tub was part way down or what the fuss was about, I told Jevan ‘Jevan, be nice and get the lid off the cooker and carry it down.’ Then I had both boys looking at me like I was funny. All at once the tub fell, clattering to the bottom, spilling the rings all over. Jevan silently observed the mess and drama before him and calmly states, ‘I didn’t do that when I was a lil’le boy. Did I Mom?’

26 – I found out boys can cover themselves completely and so totally with mud, that you have to watch them and study them for a while to realize the reason they were pulling out the hose, kiddy-wading-pool and running water was because they didn’t have a stitch of clothing on. And they instinctively knew their Mom would NOT let them into the house before a good washing off. As soon as 2 of them were sorta clean they acted just like pigs and went right back to their mud hole.

27 – I found a couple pictures I had printed off for the Grandma’s almost 2 yrs ago. I had lost them and could not find ’em for the life of me. It helps to go through games looking for dice… you never know what else you may find.

28 – Monday morning Rylen decided a heavy barn gate would be a fun place to play and to climb on. But his Dad seen him and told him to get down. He hit the ground at about the same time the gate went over him. We don’t understand the way it happened, we just know God’s angels protected him. The bars landed on either side of him, as he was squatting parallel with it. He didn’t walk the rest of the day, but for a few steps. But evening we knew it was his tailbone. Now he is acts just fine, but for the times he does rehurt it. He won’t walk much for a while. We are so thankful for God’s protection!!!

And this got much longer than I had originally thought. I kept writing and adding to it. So I am going to just post it. Enjoy!

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4 Responses to Randomness, in-all-it’s-glory. Plus some Homemade Humor

  1. Did Enjoy 🙂 made me want to take more time to enjoy each day’s uniqueness. TOTALLY with ya on “12 !!! So happy you felt better this summer. You inspire me! Blessings! `Jan

  2. Luci says:

    This was a really fun post, Lois!! I read it instead of taking 20 minutes to blog my own. My words are few right now. Not sure why, but I do miss writing. Your boys are a hoot and I love how you enjoy them. Glad you are feeling so good!!!

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