Tunneling Through Straw

School begins for us in a wk. I thought of starting this Monday, but still have somethings I want to do to get ready. It still seems almost sereal that I now also hold the title of ‘Homeschooling Mom’. In so many ways it seems like I just became a Mother, I’m not sure I am ready to teach them in ‘formal’ ways. Formal being loosely said, as I don’t know that homeschool could really be called ‘formal’. You have a schedual, but that is still not followed as hard as a brick and mortar building with teachers, etc.

Anyway, after our crazy busy summer, I knew I would have 2 wks in which to kinda relax. There would be nothing going, nothing to really plan for, nothing to really schedual. I wanted to just enjoy the last days of summer!!! I also know that these days in August are also known to be busy days of cannning and putting up food for the winter.  So I just prayed, giving it to God. He knows my heart and my desires. And He has answered my prayers beyond my hopes and dreams. (At least for this week, we will see what next week holds.)

My health has stayed so good, I have so much energy, I feel like I can enjoy doing things with the boys. My time doesn’t feel pushed, or like I am only giving them half of me. All summer I have just enjoyed being a Mom in new ways. And now my prayer is that I can remember these days and learn from them. I don’t want to take for granted that ‘tomorrow will be here’, ‘we can do it another day’, and the million other excuses a mom can give. (Or is it just me??)

Anyway, so between a couple of days of doing peaches, I didn’t really have big plans for the day. We talked of going swimming, but it wasn’t sunny then. I was in the house cleaning up and heard the chickens squawking and carrying on, so I went out to check on them and slop the hogs. Somehow I ended up in the hay shed, turned calf shed. Even though it no longer holds hay, it is still called the hay shed. Delvyn was working on calf pens and the boys were jumping and climbing on all the straw bales.

I seen that lovely pile of straw bales and immediately remembered fun days of playing in my Uncle John’s haymow with lots of cousins, making tunnels and sleeping out there. (Did we actually sleep out there?? I remember talking about it, but now that I think of it, I can’t remember actually doing it.)

This is actually, after the tunnels were made, it is lovely straw. We don’t bale our own hay here, but have great big bales trucked in. Only a skidsteer can move them, they are chest high on me.

The boys were a bit apprehensive about me building them tunnels… but I did and gave them flashlights to go play. Instead they were soon in the house ready for their first shower of the day. After lunch we ended up going down to the creek, and they played in the water. (And I forgot my camera.) Collin was gazing into the water and joyfully sticks his hand into the murky depths. As he pulls his treasure out he says, ‘I found a Thanksgiving leaf’. And shows me a pretty red and yellow maple leaf. Yes, fall is almost here!!!

At the supper table we were talking about it and I realized it was WAY too dark, and the tunnels were way to small. So as soon as the supper table was cleared I headed out the door to remake those tunnels, and add a few ‘windows’. Then the fun began…

Some happy boys, in the ‘big room’.

Chasing after Mom, flashlight in hand.

Rylen didn’t like it as much as the other two boys, he would rather monkey around on the bales.

Heading down the slide… This was one fun part of the whole thing. And the very end of it had a very tight squeeze to get through…

Yep, tight… This is the wonderful guy who let me make a mess of all the straw bales. He is the wonderful guy my boys call ‘Dad’. He’s the wonderful guy who came out to play with us and chase us all through the tunnels. He is the wonderful guy who puts up with a lot of strange things from his wife. And I am so glad he is my Hubby!!!

And this is what we looked like after an hour’s play… Rylen looked at me and giggled and giggled, and started picking stuff out of my hair. Then pointed to the camera and wanted a picture.

Right now Collin is all into pictures… so he will gladly pose, whereas the other two… Jevan runs.all.the.time. Rylen just won’t cooperate. I love this picture of these two. Just wish Rylen’s eyes were open.

My big, little boy!!! He happily told me yesterday, ‘I run, Mom. I run!!’ Yes, baby, you are running. Monday we had a scare when a big gate fell over him. God protected him, it only bruised his tailbone, and he didn’t walk much the rest of the day. It was painful for the next few days, and he still favors it a bit, but each day is less!!!

Then when we were all done playing, the boys headed to the house to shower. And Delvyn and I headed out to the pasture. I wanted to see what he had done to bury the compost pile, that had started burning (accidently), and just burned and burned. And stank and stank. We didn’t smell it as much as some of the neighbors. So finally he decided to just dig a hole and cover it all up!!! Anyway, the sunset was beautiful. And we enjoyed a quiet walk down the lane.

The boys took their 4th and final shower for the evening. Yep, we had straw strewn everywhere. And sticking everywhere. As I was resting, Jevan came up to me, put his head on my shoulder and said, ‘Thanks for the tunnels in the hayshed, Mom.’ And just now as Jevan is beside me looking at my post, he comments, ‘Our tunnels are bootiful’. It moments like that that makes the day worth while. The dishes being done after 8:30, the mound of towels and clothes to wash, the ‘half a bale of straw’ that was carried in on clothes and in hair… It was a lovely day!!! We are busy making memories…

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2 Responses to Tunneling Through Straw

  1. Brenda says:

    I almost feel claustrophobic looking at these pics!lol We used to build hay tunnels to but I never lasted long at all cuz I just couldn’t stand it! Glad ya’ll had fun.:) That last pic of Ry is just pretty cute I think.:)

    • TenderHerb says:

      I know what you mean. I had made the one long tunnel a deadend, until Delvyn chased me down there. I didn’t have a flashlight and I fast started to panic. Lets just say a hole was fast made!! These are short enough tunnels I went through without a light and Jevan was too. I LOVE that last pic of Rylen. Thanks!!

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