I’m A Homeschool Mom

At least that’s what they say… but some day’s I’m not sure I know what I am getting into!!! I mean, like today, I am teacher, cook, cleaner, plus I’m trying to can. As well, as the normal ‘being Mom’ which includes referee, encourager, peace-maker, job-giver, and a 100 other things as well. My brain is tired, I don’t feel like thinking that hard. After all, I taught school, waiting on pizza sauce in the canner, and I am a Mom.

The boys had been bugging most of August to ‘start school’. So finally, on the 30th I said we will start. They were so excited and so overjoyed!!! And the count-down began. I knew they would be in for a shock. I was the one who didn’t want to start… Oh, I wanted to. Don’t get me wrong. The excitement of new pencils, new books, organized & clean school closet, new planner, and the best -excited kids to teach!! But I knew the drudgery would come way before we would be ready for it. After all, I have boys. And boys don’t like to sit and ‘do school’.  Especially, when every other male on the farms are out chopping corn.

Collin and his work books for the year.

But this Mom/Teacher had big dreams and plans to keep her boys happy and excited to ‘do school’. We would do fun things and explore and learn and have fun while doing it.

Jevan and his preschool book.

Then we did the first day of school!!! It was fun, new and exciting… plus we were going to go swimming. We got done in record time!!! The 3 yr old was out of the house riding with Dad, missing out on the fun of ‘first-days-of-school’. Then the other 2 boys got to go ride with Dad in the tractor for a bit before we went to the swimming hole.

These 2 started digging a hole…

This is when it was a bout half done!!! It was pretty big until they were done.

Late Thursday night, Rylen was still in the garage farming playing. Jevan had brought in a gallon ziplock bag of feed. And the boys had so much fun… the took 95% of their tractors and implements out there to play. What boy wouldn’t love to play with feed that goes into wagons so neatly?!?!?!? To haul and chop and scoop and plow and just ‘farm’ with!!!!

And guess what time this picture was taken the next morning… 6:24 am!!! And he was back out there, even dressed. He is one who doesn’t like changing in the morning. But he was up and at it that morning!!!

All 3 boys have had so much fun with it. So we have left them have this mess in our garage for almost a week, dragging lots of feed up the steps and into the house, wearing holes in jeans, and changing clothes often. Collin finally swept it up yesterday. But it was worth letting them have their fun.

Friday came and with it came the grumbles. And a Mom who wasn’t feeling her best. Everyone wanted Mom NOW, no patiently waiting, as was in this Mom’s perfect dream school. We had hit the ground. No, we didn’t hit it running, it was with a resounding THUD.

How thankful I was to have a Sat. and Sunday break. I didn’t bother to tell them that Monday was a National Holiday and not a single other kid was in school. (Although I do know of a couple other home school Mom’s who planned to school that day.) Wow, that day was no better. I was really beginning to second guess this whole thing of teaching a first grader and trying to teach a 4 almost 5 yr old preschool. Plus throw in the 3 yr old brother who wants to ‘go kool too’.

Where did that patient Mom/Teacher go?? She had everything planned out, (not really) she had all these perfectionistic ideas and they were disappearing in a puff of smoke right before her eyes. (Never mind, there wasn’t any puff of smoke, they simply disappeared.)

BUT then enter the 4th official day of school. Wow, now this is what I had been dreaming of. My boys were patient, waiting for Mom to help each one. They chattered with each other. We all learned together. And we all had fun. All but for the kid who hates to color or cut, if he does color it’s with a black crayon or cut, it’s very sloppy. Sigh, what is a preschooler to do if he doesn’t color or cut?? He loves the geometric blocks Collin has for his Math. His brain is a giant gear, and I’m not sure I will be able to give him all the things he will want to do or do things the way he learns. But I will try.

And what better reminder of the fun of homeschooling, then having your 3 yr old bring you a worm he had found ‘all by his-self’. We had done a science lesson, looking for worms and bugs under stones and boards. But we only found 1 worm and LOTS of bugs. So when Rylen did his own exploring, he was so pleased to show me his own worm!! And I couldn’t help but smile to myself, for this is what I saw…

I didn’t think there would be many bugs under the stepping-stones. I had just put new mulch there a few wks ago. But he seen it as rocks to move and see what was underneath. It wasn’t easy for him, he couldn’t flip the stones, so it was a shove and slide ’til he got it exposed the way he wanted. And then sit and study whatever he seen underneath.

Yep, I think homeschooling will be good!!! We will work through the rough spots, we will work together, learn together and grow together!! It will be worth it all!!!!

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