Our Yearly Fall Hike

Almost every year, even since I was a teenager, we have went to a nearby State Park to hike and see all the pretty fall colors. And it’s always on a Sunday Evening.

After we got married, we started go with other families and having a picnic after the hike. It is a yearly activity we look forward to and enjoy!!! The boys are big old enough to hike on their own, and start scaring their Mom with some of their daring stunts and moves. There are lots of rocks and cliffs and crevices to explore. So I am enjoying it more again too. Not having a baby to look after is just easier.

It is always so very pretty!!! I never get tired of the view.

The boys always do and are soon ready to hit the trails again and go exploring on the rocks. So the Mom’s always go along to just make sure they don’t get too carried away in their adventures.

We needed a family picture for a scrapbook our church is doing. So this was the perfect time to do an update. Except for THAT one kid who doesn’t like pictures right now. When we were finally done trying to get a family picture, he decided to pose for one by himself. Then he looked really nice when posing with his best friend Cory!!! Oh, well, at least we do know he can smile & behave, when he wants to and it’s on his terms. (And yes, some how Collin missed the memo to wear a red shirt.)

Life has been crazy busy… and doesn’t look to be slowing down real soon. But hopefully I’ll be able to do more blogging on here in the near future. I had some requests for another lyme update. So I am working on that one.

We have Revival Meetings that started last evening, and will go every night through Sunday evening. So it will be a bit crazy!! We had one guy quit milking, so Delvyn has been having to milk more. We have a part-time guy helping some. But it makes for a big change in schedule and us being almost late for church. But we do the best we can!!

So that means I need to go start supper and getting things done so we can be on time. Delvyn wants to go for prayer tonight, so that means leaving at 6:15. And as of now, my 2 boys who were put down for naps at 1, are still not sleeping and it is 3. You would think I would get the hint that they are not tired. But, no, I get the hint I have boys who just do not want to sleep so are doing everything they can to stay awake. So frustrating!!

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