Time for an Update…

Roses from my Hubby the other week, aren’t they lovely!?!?!?!?!?!!!

…and one I am not sure where to start or what all to say. I know I have been pretty quiet on here, but I didn’t know just how quiet until I logged in and seen there is only 2 posts in Sept. and the one I just did in Oct of our Fall Hike. Don’t worry, I’ve posted many updates, ranted many subjects, displayed pictures and gave many inspirational thoughts. It’s just too bad it never left my brain!!

I have purposely been quieter on here, I feel like I have been going through a lot in my life. And that is not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. I am so thankful God doesn’t give up on His children when we stumble and fall so many times. He has given me so much grace, and I am not thankful enough. Every time I think I have finally learned my lesson, I somehow forget it and need to take it all over again. Please don’t tell me I am the only one like that!! So lately I have felt like I don’t have much to offer here, God has been growing me. And it has not been easy, and I haven’t finished letting go of some areas that He has been working on. Some of those corners are deep and dark and all too scary looking at times. So slowly, and at times painfully, God is cleaning this ‘house’ of mine.

I was also reminded that there are those who want to hear more of my lyme journey. I must admit I went quiet on that one too, as I wasn’t sure how my summer was gonna go, and I know there are those who question our choice method of treatment. So I will try to bring you up to date on what my summer held.

The beginning of April I went to a new Dr. He is a chiropractor who practices kinesiology. I will just be honest and upfront, I don’t understand it (the kinesiology that is). I found a recommendation for him through another blog. Dr. Lindsley has a lot of experience in lyme, he had it himself and formulated an herbal tincture to kill off the lyme bacterium. I was a bit sceptical myself when I first read of his claims, that you will be feeling better in a month, with most of the active lyme gone. (But it held true for me!!)

Well, I had a rough month of April, when I first started taking the tinctures he gave me. But knowing what all I know about lyme, I knew it was a good sign, in a bad way, that the spirochetes were dieing. Dr. L. also gave a very detailed description of how lyme works and messes up the body, organs, and all that goes with it. I found it very fascinating, as it matched all I had studied on it, plus went deeper.

One thing he explained is more about the liver… how the lyme lives and hides in there. It is very important to do liver flushes to feel better!!! So for most of the summer I was doing a liver flush every 3 wks. I did 6 of them from April to July. Yes, it was a lot. But with each one I felt so much better.

I lived a very full and active life this summer. It was the best I have had in a long, long time!!! I realize now, looking back, that I did have my ‘low days’. But they were so minor that, at the time I didn’t think of them as my body asking for a rest. I would take a day or two of not doing as much and then be ready to hit life full blast again. It really was amazing. I should mention, that I could tell I did not have the stamina that I once did, or strength in my muscles, but I am sure with time that will build again.

By the end of August I could tell that things were really starting to slow down in my body, and my hip was bugging me again. I wasn’t sure what to do. So finally decided to see Dr. L. again. (One thing I really like about him, that is so very different from all other Drs. I’ve seen through this lyme case, is that he doesn’t want to see you very often!! I have been to see him 4 times now, since the beginning of April. Everyone else was every 2wks, or at least once a mth!!) Anyway, after he heard what I had to say, he decided that some of the lyme had reactivated again. If you know about lyme, when you start attacking the spirochetes and killing them, they will go into a hard cell-form where nothing can touch it. Then when the attack is over it will become active again. So I started attacking it again. (Read more here.)

I guess I will add this in here too… Over the summer I could tell whenever I ate the ‘wrong thing’, I get a stomach ache. But I can never pinpoint just what it is. I have had a problem with these itchy pimple like spots, that I knew were food related, but could never seem to figure out just what is causing it, along with some blotchy skin colors. So after our trip to PA in Sept I jumped into the 10 Day Master Cleanse/Lemon juice diet. After the fast I had been very careful in what I ate and watching how I felt. I could tell foods were not sitting so well, even though I didn’t have dairy or gluten. I had some fiber balls one day but could tell that didn’t sit too good.I tried soaked oatmeal for breakfast, and it was fine. So I knew more measures were needed.

Enter GAPS Intro Diet!!! After only a couple of days of eating food, I decided that I have come this far, why not just do a month on the GAPS intro. I was just so happy to be able to eat, I didn’t care that I was greatly limited on my foods. A strange side note, when I was on the Master Cleanse I lost 4-5lbs, but stayed there. Family and friends would tell me how much weight I was loosing. Now on the GAPS I have lost even more, and yet look healthier and they are not so concerned. So I guess that is a good thing, and I know I am getting better nutrients while eating this way.

So far I have not seen a huge change, but I know my body will take a bit to detox. I have felt  a bit more drug down the past 2-3 wks, but I know it is because I am detoxing and getting rid of a lot of ‘junk’. So I just live from day-to-day, and do what I can. My energy levels are coming back up, but it is slow. I know my thyroid is still a mess and I need to figure out what to do more to help that. Oh, I no more itchy, pimple type things!! Yay!!

It has been just over 2 yrs since we jumped in with our whole diet change and found out I had lyme. And I during that time have done much research on the many diets that are said to help and to heal the stomach/gut flora. It is a hard path to take, choosing to not eat what the main stream does. And to buy foods that require more work to prepare. I very, very rarely buy any processed foods, and get organic what I can. I am not a firm believer in the organic hype, but I am sure it does contain fewer chemicals and additives and such. So that is why I do get what I can. But I don’t stress over it. I am very careful in buying processed stuff, as so many additives are known to mess with a persons hormones and so much more.

And while it’s hard to believe that 2 yrs have passed, it seems like only yesterday our ‘nightmare’ started, and yet so much has happened. So many times when we were in the middle of it all and were not sure which way to turn or what to do, & we felt like we were all alone and lost, someone or something would come our way and God would clearly show us the path He wanted us to take.

I know my journey is not over yet. We take it one day, one step at a time, as I have said many times. We see light at the end of the tunnel, and that makes us smile. My Fall is full, I am hoping I didn’t bite off too much by volunteering to do the Christmas Program with the kids at our church. I don’t regret it, at least I won’t once I get all the songs/poems/plays figured out. And I have other things I am going to do before Christmas, as I have time. I am just one who focus’ on everything I need want to do and then panics, instead of going step by step and doing it one thing at a time!!

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