How-To: Liver Flush & Liver Support

The liver is a filter and if a filter is full of junk, it doesn’t work very well.

As I said yesterday, I will do a post on the ‘how-to’s’ for a liver flush and some helps for a healthy liver. If you missed that post and wanna know the signs of a stressed liver, and the things a liver does, go back and read it.

First: some tips on light detoxing and supporting your liver, which will help it work more efficiently. As I mentioned yesterday, there are tinctures you can make or buy, that will help your liver. And it may flush out the stones, but I am sure it would take longer, than just doing a flush. But if you don’t feel up to the flush, and don’t have poor health, I am guessing it would be fine. I struggle with saying that, as I know there are so many toxins in the world, our livers are working overtime to try to keep up. I really feel a flush is of your best interest.

– Start the detoxing process by cutting down/cutting out all sugar, cutting out artificial sweeteners and trans-fatty acids, re-evaluating your need for over-the-counter pain relievers, discussing healthier alternatives for prescription medications with your doctor, and getting your colon working properly.

– Eat lots of fruits and veggies. Some good foods are cabbage,. broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, carrots, pumpkin & other squashes, red & green peppers, yams, avocados, raw nuts, almonds & cashews, sprouts, alfalfa, wheat and barley grass. Eggs, whole grain breads (I hesitate to say that one), citrus fruits, pears, raw and dried fruits. Good fats and oils are Olive oil, coconut oil, flax-seed, dandelion and rhubarb. (I don’t mention meats, as it does make more work for your liver. For me, I’ve been limiting it. And try to stick with chicken and fish more, limiting the red meats.)

– Take garlic capsules, as directed or 2-3 cloves daily for 3 mths. Garlic may help the liver detoxify chemicals before they can exert their toxic effect on the body.

– Exercise, even a 20 min. walk 3-4 times a week.

-Limit the toxins in cleaners, body products ie. shampoos, body washes, etc. Laundry Soaps, (I make my own), and watch for the toxins in foods.

The reason I hesitate on the breads, is that grains will slow digestion down and so many people have troubles digesting them. Be it the gluten, or grains in general. Try taking them out or limiting them and see if that makes a difference in how you feel. I know a lot of people are going gluten-free and/or grain-free because they feel better not eating it. But I personally think it is because their gut health/flora is so messed up, they can’t digest it. And they are not preparing their foods properly, so their stomachs are not breaking it down and the body is not able to use the nutrients in the food. GAPS can heal that, and you can go back to eating some of those foods, (although for some it maybe limited and needs to be properly prepared).

It is also highly recommended you do a parasite cleanse before doing a liver flush. Parasites are hard on the liver, adding an additional load and some even live in the liver.

Now for liver flushes

I have done 10 liver flushes this yr, starting with 2 in FL. So I guess I would know a bit about them. {smile} The liver flushes I did in FL are a bit different from the ones I’ve been doing on my own at home. I like mine much better, plus I found out Dr. Lindsley changed his choice of fruit and it is now better yet!! Here is the link to Dr. Lindsley’s protocol. (I would recommend reading it.)

The liver is made up of 4 chambers, each flush cleans another one out. So it is recommended you do at least 4 in a row. 1 every 3 wks. For someone like me, who has had a disease, or someone who has cancers or other such major health issue, the liver will be full of junk. It took many more flushes to get out all the build up of toxins. I passed many, many liver and gall-bladder stones. Yes, you can see them. (Sorry if TMI again, but I got rid of some large stones, the size of my thumb, knuckle up. But most are the size of a pencil eraser. And no, it does not hurt to pass them!!!)

When you plan to do a flush, give yourself 2 days. The first one to prepare and do the flush, the second to rest and recover.

I have some tips and suggestions to do before hand, but it is just from my experience and is not something you have to do. I recommend limiting meats the wk before you plan to do the flush. Like not even eating meat once a day, it gives your liver a break. And then the couple of days before, eating light meals, mostly veggies and fruits, well cooked. The day of your fast, eat no fats, dairy or meats. Just veggies, oatmeal, or fruit. You may also shower just prior to taking the oj/oil solution, warming up your body good. And using an electic heating pad wrapped around the liver area is also a good thing. (It was done in FL, but I’ve not done them since I’ve been home.) And then limited the meats again for the wk after the flush. Some of this is so your colon is properly working and able to keep flushing stuff out. You will be flushing out toxins for a while from your liver, so it’s important that they don’t stay in your body, making you sick.

When you start moving toxins around in your body, you have to make sure you are getting them out. It can make you really sick!! So a first step before attempting a flush, is to be sure you are ‘moving’, and not clogged up!! Drink LOTS of water too!!!

What you will need: 4-6 oranges or grapefruits, good quality olive oil, epsom salt, water

You may not eat or drink after 2 o’clock, if you do, you could feel quite ill later.  And sometime before 5, prepare your epsom salt juice. It tastes best well chilled. You drink your first solution at 6pm.

Epsom salt solution – 3 c. fresh squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice, 4 TBS epsom salt. You may use water, or even do part water part juice. Optional is grapefruit juice. But since I have done OJ, wow, it is much better. The saltiness is already bad enough, then dealing with the sour is about more than I can handle!!:) Store in a jar, shake well.

– Then at 6pm, pour out 3/4 C. Drink. You may suck on a few ice chips, or drink tiny sips of water, if needed.

– At 8pm, repeat above step.

In the next 2 hrs prepare for bed, get evening stuff done, as at 10pm you drink the olive oil solution and have to lay down right away. You will need to prepare your solution for this as well. I like to make all the solutions at one time, then just pull the OJ out an hr or so before I need it to warm up.

And remember to stay fairly close to a bathroom. Those epsom salts may have an effect on you. I found when I first started, I didn’t need to go much, if at all that night. But by now, I need to be close to a bathrm by 8. I think the more I do, the better my body moves.

Olive oil solution– you need 1/2-3/4 C. fresh squeezed orange juice. Just before ready to drink, add 1/2 c. olive oil. The better quality you have, the better it will taste. And the better you will be able to drink it down. Shake the oj and oil very well,

– And drink, at 10pm. I find using a straw works best, and room temp is a must!!!

– Go right to bed. I was told in FL to lay on right side, Dr. L. says flat. So I guess you have 2 options. I like to prop against my hubby, so I’m half laying/half on my side. (It’s the way I sleep most nights anyway.)

And hold still. You may get nauseated. Just try not to think about it and go to sleep. Expect to be awake from 1-3, or at least sleep more restless. This is when your liver does its daily recharge. So on a flush night, it is flushing stuff out!! You may feel the need to up-chuck. It’s fine, if you need to, go do it. You are getting rid of toxins that way too. (Dr. Hulda does have something for you to take so you sleep good all night. I have never bothered to take it, much less ever research what it is or where to get it.)

Any time after 6am, drink another 3/4 c. of the epsom salt solution. And then 2 hrs later, drink your last one.

2 hrs after your last solution, you may begin drinking. I recommend chamomile tea first. It is soothing to your stomach, and you just were hard on your body. (In a good way!! Your body will thank you for it later!!) I will admit that I will begin sipping tea about an hour after that last solution. By then you are feeling pretty parched and very weak. And me being a mom, my mornings are not very relaxing!!!

And again, you will need to be close to a bathroom!! As you begin to ‘clean out’, you may start to see green and brown stones (they float). I find it very intriguing to see what was inside. Every time I did a flush I would literally pass well over a hundred stones. And to think that all that stuff has been clogging up my liver. After all the liver is a filter and if a filter is full of junk, it doesn’t work very well. I’d hate to know what my liver looked like 2 yrs ago when we began this health journey of ours.

This is also based on Dr. Hulda Clarks research and liver flush she developed. Please read that link as well as Dr. Lindsley’s. In case I missed something.

I personally feel this has played a huge part in my feeling better and helping my body to fight the lyme bacterium. If your body is in good health and has it’s immune system built up, you will feel much better, be able to fight off infections, and keep diseases at bay!!

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