Just Our Daily Life…

So I’ll grab a few minutes to sit, while my men are all outside feeding calves and finishing up chores. All while it is dark. I must say my boys are brave, I would have never went and fed calves in the dark in a shed without any lights (opps, my hubby told me there is one flood light that he has on, runs extension cord over from barn), by myself with just a brother or a sister. But my boys do. (Can you tell there is pride in my voice?) There are many blessings to living on a farm, and there are many disadvantages too. Like the change of chore schedules, so some nights we are eating supper at 5:30 and the next at 7:00. So it leaves me to try to shuffle the meals and routines and whatnot. I am still adjusting to that one… Like needing to get more of the evening work done before supper, not try to cram it all in the hr before we head for bed. But my hubby and boys have been doing great at just overlooking the undone work or pitching in to help get it done.

The other not so ‘fun’ part of food making this past month, has been my going on the intro GAPS diet. So not only do I make my men meals, but I make a whole separate one for myself. Some evenings I am eating long after the others. (Although it is better than it had been.) I am not sure how much is has helped, but one thing I do know, I miss my rice and oatmeal!!!! I have been primarily eating squash, with other veggies and lots of broth and meat!! I have not had as much broth as they recommend, most because I had burned myself out trying this stuff one other time. So if you ever do the intro, do it right the first time. Don’t stop and start!! But in other ways this month has been much better. I had bought an e-book out together by a mom who came up with lots of recipes for her kids when she put them through it. One day I wanna put the boys through the whole intro diet. But we will see. I told them they could have a big reward if they would do it for a month.

I have one kid on board with the idea, Note IDEA!!! Another loves squash, and asks me for it. And the other does NOT want any changes in his diet!!! So who knows when or how it will all go!! But I feel it would really help them. They still get really moody and have bad character habits that come out really strong when they eat too much dairy, glutens, etc. So I know they need to step it up.

I have had pretty good days, but can tell my energy isn’t what it was this summer. I had done another liver flush a couple of wks ago and was feeling really good that I didn’t pass many stones. So thought my days of cleaning my liver are over. But then there were a few HUGE ones, much larger than any other I got rid of. So now I am not sure what to think. Guess I will do a couple more yet and see what happens. I can’t imagine what I’d be feeling like if I would not have done so many flushes this past yr!!! My ‘filter’ was very, very clogged.

Today was one of those days you count your blessings and count them twice. I actually got my whole house cleaned at one time. It’s been a long while that I have been able to do it. Between being super busy, being gone or whatever… I would do a quick vac here, wipe the worst of the floor there, and scrub the pot before someone came quick, etc. So nothing ever feels completely clean at once. And I never like that. So it is an awesome feeling to have the floors all cleaned at the same time. It doesn’t feel like I am tracking dirt from living rm carpet to kitchen or kitchen to bedrooms. Plus I even scrubbed my tub, top to bottom!!!! I really need to do it more, with 3 boys… yeah, you don’t wanna know. It’s amazing we all were still getting clean.

Oh, we got lots of school done today too. It has been sorta hodge-podge for the past couple wks. So it was nice to get a good day in. He is WAY ahead in his math. As in he only has a few lessons left in the book it was to take him all yr to do. So I will order the next book after Christmas. He loves it, but does have a few concepts he is struggling with. I am amazed with his reading… he doesn’t like it, but he is catching on quite quickly. And I love it when he amazes himself. You can just watch all the lights come on, and everything clicks and connects. I never knew there would be so many little blessings that come with home education. Yes, it takes extra time, but you soon learn to juggle it all. We do school anywhere and every where, from the bedroom, to the bathroom, from livingrm to kitchen. He doesn’t sit still for anything… and when he memorizing you can find him like this…

(sorry its a cell phone picture). I think it’s a good thing he doesn’t have to sit in a classroom.

We had some snow flurries the other morning. The boys were so excited. But nothing really stuck anywhere. And that was a huge disappointment. They can’t wait to wear their snowboots and snowpants. Not sure why, they can’t stand wearing their heavy winter coats now. I have to force them to put on sweatshirts and boots. The other day they were out barefoot. Guess as long as they have good immune systems…

Last Fri/Sat we butchered 11 pigs. We had around 48 people here to help. And it makes the work go so much faster. All in all, we figure we had 9 hrs total of work, from squeal to freezer. So this wk I was rendering lard, and seasoning the hams and bacons. They will get smoked sometime. I love having my freezers all full again. But am so ready to put away my stockpots for a while. Just seems I don’t get done this yr.

I would tell you about my next big projects coming up… but well…

Did you know Christmas isn’t very far away?? Jevan had his 5th birthday last wk and he just told me tonight, ‘Mom, I can’t wait for my next birthday!’ *sigh* if it’s not birthdays it’s Christmas. I am trying to keep their attention on the proper meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wanna do some fun giveaway projects with the boys the month of Dec. I’ll have to keep you posted on how it goes… I am just hoping I am not biting off more than I wanna chew. So I am trying to not set unrealistic goals.

Well, it’s getting late… supper has long passed. The boys are now in bed, and I should be heading there soon too. The man of the house is sitting at the table with me, he’s reading a farm paper and I sit here typing. We both yawn, but are just enjoying the peace a quiet, while listening to the hum of the fridge and the thumps and bumps of restless feet ‘resting’ in their beds. I need to post another of the boy’s quirky stuff they have said lately. I just love the way they word their stuff.

Good night, I gotta go to my other computer to add the picture, then I’m off to bed.

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2 Responses to Just Our Daily Life…

  1. Hey, friend! where ya been? 🙂 Have a great day!!

  2. Just sayin Hi again! 🙂 Hope you all soon are back up and running!

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