Smashing Smoothies & Raising Men


It all started when I was making smoothies for a snack the other evening. I had made one for my hubby that morning for breakfast, he had liked it so much he asked for it again as a snack that evening.

(Picture above is Collin with the last pup of the litter. Yay!!! We hope our Momma dog is DONE having pups, each litter has gotten bigger. This batch had 8. They are so cute, if they would just stay little.)

I enjoy good smoothies, my boys vary in their preferences of liking them or avoiding them. Collin declares it makes him too cold, of which I do agree. Why do smoothies have to be so cold anyway?? We can’t drink hot chocolate or latte’s or other such ‘normal’ hot winter drinks. So it’s either hot tea or cold smoothies.  Some how tea just isn’t very filling, nor does it stay inside very long. Necessitating the need for little boys to have the trots, when they are to be closing their eyes.

Anyway, back to our smoothie making. Collin had just put his pj’s on, and was still adjusting the shirt. ‘Mom, this shirt has a hole in it. Right back here.’ He points to the back of his shirt’s neckline. I am busy getting the ingredients for our smoothies out of the fridge & freezer. Blueberries, strawberries, banana chunks, and peanut butter. One of the other boys has pulled the stepstool over to the counter so he can see what Mom is doing.

‘Yes, Collin,’ I mutter. ‘ALL your clothes get holes when you wear them!!’ And I am thinking of all the patching his pants need. Not to mention the worn-out necks and sleeves and well, just plain the whole shirts he wears out so fast.

He grins up at me. ‘It’s cause I’m a MAN!!’ He catches me off guard. A MAN??!!??!?!? Not yet!!!! You have to be big. And tall. At least as tall as I am BEFORE you are a MAN!! ‘Hmmffff’, I sputtered. And then blurted, ‘You are NOT a man until you can look me in the eye!!’

Quick as a wink, he nimbly steps up on the step-stool that was between us. Looks me in the eye, and says, ‘Now I’m a MAN!!!’

*Sigh* Where is my little boy going?? He already stands about at my shoulder.  And it won’t be long and I really will be looking him in the eye, without the need of a stool. He delights in knowing he is growing and his Mom isn’t. I don’t wanna think of it that it will only be a few more years of having him as ‘my little boy’.

But it is a delight in seeing those manly character traits coming out of him. And a challenge to realize it is up to me to train him to be a gentleman to the only female in his house, (Me). I have to let go, let him step up and do the things that I have been doing for him for so long!!! I no longer have to literally do everything for him, he can do a lot of things for himself!!


(This picture was taken last week while I was sick. He had the job of doing a HUGE stack of dishes. And he got creative in his drying tactics, my wire cooling racks.)

He can do the laundry, he makes his own eggs for breakfast, he does the dishes, sweeps my kitchen floor, and vacs the carpets. He feeds calfs, collects eggs and oversees the chickens, he hauls out garbage, and cleans the garage. And he is learning the fine arts of holding the doors for others, helping others before himself. He wants life to be fair and is always overseeing his brothers play and being sure they are being fair. He delights in telling you all he knows and is learning about in the barn. (His wisdom is quite deep if you will just take the time to listen.)

I love my boy who is becoming a man. A man, who likes a beef-ed up smoothie!!

The new smashing smoothie had a tablespoon of peanut-butter added to it. And it was a ‘Smashing Hit’!!! I know I have seen it added in other recipes before, but just never had tried it. So if you’ve haven’t tried it either, why wait any longer?? You may find you really like it too. (We make our smoothies with kefir, and frozen fruits. And I will add in a few other things to make it more nutritional, like nutritional yeast, ginkgo powder, and more probiotics. Whatever sounds good, or I feel like we are needing at the time.)


Jevan – 5. He had asked for a snack of an orange. I told him he may have one. A bit later he is wandering around the house looking for his sunglasses. “I thought you wanted to eat an orange for a snack.’ ‘I do! But I need my glasses.’ He went his way, I went mine. Until I came back into the kitchen and seen this… I got a merry chuckle out of his eye protection from those stinging squirts from peeling oranges. He is smart!!!


Rylen’s new favorite snack, a ‘high one’. I love little kid talk!!! Anything he wants full, big, tall, whatever… he wants it ‘high’!!! So he had a ‘high one’ carrot. In other words, it is not cut up. He will carry the big thing around the house, munching away. Oh, and I should mention most of the fun is in getting to peel it yourself. (We won’t mention the wake of carrot peels across the kitchen counter. But it is so much better if you get to do the work yourself!!)

Yep, these are the 3 men I am raising… And I am having fun!!

Well, I should run… I have been listening to the HealThy Mouth Summit this week. Wow, what a wealth of information in there. I don’t know if you could sign up for the last few days yet or not, but it might be worth a try if it sounds like something you are interested in.

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