New Year’s Memories 2013

My house is quiet. The boys have gone outside to play in the few remaining hours in which it is to be warm yet. This afternoon it is to start dropping and by morning be around 0*. Right now it’s more like 40*.

15 sandy

So I will post pictures from our New Years party, with my Gingerich Family. Or the ones that were there. It was mostly local people with few others coming from IA and CO. But it’s always so fun to be with whoever comes around for Holiday’s. I was delighted when my hubby agreed to go. We had just hired a couple new guys and I didn’t think it would all work out.


We headed up there Sunday afternoon, getting there in time for supper. I love how our get togethers revolve around games, games and more games. There is always a new ‘favorite’ that gets played the most, but there is also the old favorites. And often there was some one reading stories to the littles.


The house was always too warm, but this year the basement was too cool. Growing up, Grandpa had a wood stove down there and it was always so HOT!!! But we still had many wonderful cousin games to warm up the atmosphere if nothing else. Good fun laughter, banter and conversations are enough to warm any one!!!


There were plenty of Great-grands running around. Once Uncle John came down to the basement to get something from the kitchen and was tackled by a mob of children. He did all he could to get away, but just couldn’t!! There were at least 3-5 kids per leg!! Finally one of the guys came to his rescue, intending to pull him out the door to a snow bank. It didn’t take long and kids were letting go.


5pullingMonday found talk of going out to the ravine. Our Uncles use take all the cousins out to a back pasture to sled & tube in ‘the ravine’. Soon some of the ‘in-laws’ were lamenting that they had never been back there. My hubby being one of them. We are not sure what happened, but no one has been back there in over 10 yrs to go tubing. So it didn’t take long and we decide to go. 3mom&ry

Oh, the memories of piles of coats, hats, gloves & mittens, along with the boots and toe stompers that came back. No one could find their stuff very easily and I’m sure Mom’s felt frustrated by the time 27 cousins filed out the door. (Just to all come with a wet, soggy mess 2 hrs later.)


Soon a few loads of cousins, littles and some Uncles were piled in pickups, snowmobile, and gator. And we were standing at the top of the old ravine. Oh, yeah!!!


My boys had never been tubing or sledding on such a steep hill, the prefered to ride down with someone, mostly Mom. So you know how many times I went up and down??!!?!?? Gave me a good workout that’s for sure!! My Uncle John did use his gator to take people back to the top if they wanted to.

We made ‘Trains’ and had ‘Train Wrecks’. While the littles watched their parents and other grown-ups acting like little kids… Oh, it was fun!!!

20trainwreck We had a good laugh at Jevan when he went down the hill, when he wasn’t trying or wanting to go down. I was trying to get him to go with me, and he was running away. He happened to step on a sled, and was soon heading down the hill, head first, and his sled was backwards. Yes, he made it to the bottom just fine, much to the amusement of the ones watching from above.


My cousin Mary Emma, pictured with her sister, who also is fighting a battle with lyme was able to go out that afternoon and again that night. I was so happy for her, to enjoy some ‘normal old time’ fun!!! She even rode the snowmobile back to Grandpa’s when we were done.

9jeffmegThat evening a bunch of us cousins decided to see the New Year in out at the ravine. Along with snacks and a bonfire. Oh, did I mention it was -10*!! Yep, minus 10 degrees!!! Call us crazy, but that’s what those Gingerich Cousin’s are!! And I was the only one crazy enough to take my 3 boys out there to join in the fun.

13boysThey loved it to say the least, although none of them ever went down into the darkness of that deep ravine. (It didn’t help that certain cousins of mine had told them there would be coyotes waiting for them at the bottom. Ggrrr)

14coldThe full moon was lovely, the fire hot, conversations uplifting, hot chocolate & hot tea warming, the cheese was frozen, the air exhilarating, and blankets comforting.

The rides down the hill were fast, and you could hardly breathe it was so cold. And one didn’t waste time at the bottom of the hill… and the run back up to the inviting fire, did start to warm you up.

We counted down to the New Year, and then made fast tracks back to the warm beds calling for us. It has been a number of years since the last time I seen the New Year in. And we made sure it was in for real, as we stayed up ’til 4 am. Yeah, not a good idea when the kids had all been in bed hours and hours earlier.

17del&iNew Years Day we actually went out tubing again. And had a bonfire for those who missed it the night before.

We didn’t wanna leave the party and family, but home was calling. So we headed south around 5 that evening.

The boys beg to go camping at Grandpa’s, in fact when we told them we were going there for New Years, the first questions asked were if we were gonna go camping again!!! Yep, the 2014 Gingerich Family Reunion won’t come soon enough for them!

Most of these pictures were taken by my cousins. I had forgotten my camera, so got some from them. Thanks, Meg & Verena.

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  1. Hey, missed ya yesterday! Hope you’re having a great day!

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