A Post in Which I Try to Recap 4-5 Mths.

I don’t like starting posts after I have been absent for a really, really long time. But I know there are many of you who are waiting to hear the results of my last testing, so I will try to update you. But first I will have to go back a bit…

Last fall I could tell my health was starting to go downhill again. And I didn’t know why. And it seemed the more I tried to figure it out, the worse I felt. I did GAPS intro again, it seemed to help for a short time. But then I knew it was not the whole answer. I had a wk here or there of feeling better, and then I would crash again.

There are bits in here I am not going to share, but to say, I was going through a lot of emotional stress too. I felt like my world was all upside down and there was no way to put it to rights.

So in January I began digging again… looking for answers and yet scared of what I may find. The friend I had went to in FL for cleanses winters of ’11 &’12 let me know she was now sending her cleanses and doing it remotely via skype. So we tossed that idea around. It would be a rigorous 8-10 mths, but sounded hopeful. And I found a nutritionist in CA who goes by your blood results to help you.

But before we made any decisions one way or the other we heard about someone who does live blood analysis. So we decided that would be one simple place to start. And I wanted to see what Collin’s blood looked like, to know if we were doing the right things for the boys.

If you have never had a live blood analysis done, it is VERY interesting to say the least!!! Collin was fascinated to see all the moving living things in a very tiny drop of blood (from his finger).

That showed us a lot of things, mainly a bunch of puzzle pieces that we now are starting to fit together. I will just name off the highlights of the things we found… (and I am sure I am forgetting a few, as this was done the end of Jan.)

~Liver congestion – which I already pretty much knew, it just confirmed it

~ Rouleaux –Rouleaux is the French term for “cells in a row.” Rouleaux or rolls, is the tendency of red blood cells to aggregate or stick together and form long rows that look like stacked coins. Causing your cells to not be able to absorb nutrients or oxygen. One of the many reasons I don’t have energy.

~Yeast -Or candida. Collin and I both had it. And if one has it, figure the rest of your family does too.

~Parasites -Yep, what we all don’t like to think about and most don’t realize we have. Or think it’s not an issue. Well, parasites are part of life, and they can and do easily get out of control in the body!! We have actually been doing parasite cleanses regularly and we still had a lot of them. I know some of it has to do with the fact we are on a farm and we eat a lot of pork.

~Protein linkage – Which shows I am not digesting my food properly. No surprise. I figured that. And knew I had issues with digesting gluten/grains. And just in the past month realized just how much I can NOT handle corn!! It goes straight through me, sorry if tmi. But it’s the truth. And it’s sad!! I LOVE corn!!!!! So we have not been eating much corn or corn products around here.

~Kidney stress was shown too.

I think those were the main things. The rouleaux is the most thing to be concerned about. It is a sign of a very unhealthy body!! We did things like parasite cleanse, yeast cleanse, and liver cleanse (pills this time), and tried to improve things in general. But I felt like I needed to do more. My body was not responding very well, or in a way I was hoping to see.

Feb. and March were very stressful months for us. Again, for a number of reasons I will not disclose right now. And I was having more bad days than good days. But most of the times was I just feeling good enough to get the basics of house upkeep done, wash, dishes, meals and general upkeep (very loose standards). I didn’t do much cleaning, but by spurts, if I had a burst of energy I’d vac the carpets. Or sweep the kitchen floor, etc. Nothing was ever done all at one time.

We made plans the end of Mar. to get some lab work done, through a nutritionist in CA. I talked to her on Tues. evening. We had actually both been thinking thyroid problems, but the results showed very good on thyroid and not so good on other areas that point to adrenal fatigue.

And a bunch of results indicating the same things we had seen on the live blood analysis. The liver, poor digestion, inflammation in my body (which I know, my hip still bugs me), and something new, VERY low blood sugar. Along a deficiency in folate and vit. B12, which could be from something else that we will need to get tested at some point as well.

What does that mean?? Mainly it all points to adrenal fatigue. And we need to do more testing to find out just how bad that may be. The adrenals are the stress hormones, primarily adrenaline and cortisol. And play a huge part in balancing the blood sugar levels in the body and maintaining the correct electrolyte balance of salt/water for proper cellular function.

I am not going to go into all my symptoms and such. If you want to study it, there is plenty to look into online. At this point I am not sure when we will do more testing, but are going to start doing some adrenal support. And I am being much more conscience of when and what I eat.  I found it very interesting, I read a post of someone on GAPS and she lost energy after a few months or so on it. GAPS is not really a low carb diet, but it does tend to lean that way. So I after thinking I should eat more the GAPS way, it’s sorta hard to think of eating other foods again. But at the same time, I could never totally take myself away from them. Things like rice, sweet potatoes, and some oatmeal. And I could never stop dairy!!! And I am sure that was my body’s way of telling me, I needed those carbs!!

It is hard for me to eat, consciencely every 3 hrs. It’s easy for me to feel nauseated as my blood sugar levels go down, and then I don’t want to eat. And that is a very common place for me to be, so I end up not eating much through the day and by late afternoon am feeling pretty rough. I need to figure out some easy snacks of things my body needs. Right now it has been meat & cheese rolled up in lettuce leaves.

And the number 1 thing I need to do is reduce all the stress I can in my life. hahaha Yep, hear me laugh. This wk knocked me pretty flat!! I was not expecting to find this answer, so I have been stressing out about it all and researching like crazy. Wed-Fri. I wasn’t out of bed much, just felt completely wiped out and very weak and shaky.

Everything makes so much more sense now, as that is how I have been feeling for a while. And I would just push my way through everything. Which is NOT a good thing to do!! I need to STOP when I start feeling that way. It doesn’t take much to bring me to tears, just ask my family. And I would feel so overwhelmed with life and trying to raise the boys, etc.  I’m too much an all or nothing person and it has caught up with me.

I must say I have learned a lot since some events in Feb. But learning to continually apply them is not easy. It’s not easy to learn new things, to think in new ways and live life in a random and carefree way.

So pray for us, as we look into options, and seek God’s will in the coming months. And as I try to not do too much… and we have a couple of VERY busy months coming up!!! God has taken us through high waters before, I know He will lead us again.

Here are some links with more adrenal fatigue info if you are interested in knowing more…

Dealing with Adrenal Fatigue – A good well-rounded comprehensive post on adrenal fatigue, it’s symptoms, causes and what to do. (There is a link here, not sure why it’s looking funny!)

Treating chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue naturally –  a shorter post stating the basics.

What is adrenal fatigue?

Adrenal Fatigue: Help and Resources for Healing

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  1. healthiestbeauty says:

    Reblogged this on The healthiest beauty.

  2. bren27 says:

    Thanks for the update. Hope you get things figured out soon and are feeling better before too long! Praying for you today and hoping your day is great!

  3. Beth says:

    Go Karen Hurd.com. My daughter had Lymes, Acid Reflux, Bells Palsy as a side effect of Lymes.
    She started consulting with Karen by phone. She has been with her for about 10 months. She is doing so much better. Slow, but it is coming. Karen has helped 10,000’s of people from all over the world. She believes in helping people with food. God made our bodies to heal with proper nutrition. She says it takes 18-24 months for the adrenals to heal. So strict diet is absolutely necessary. I know of so many people who have been helped. Blessings!

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