Our summer plans changed slightly, ok, a lot, when we found out I was pregnant. We had tentative  plans for a trip out west. I knew that with my other pregnancies, I can’t sit for long periods of time. And in a vehicle it’s even worse.

So we made plans to do something close to home this summer. (Plus we hadn’t ever taken the boys to get their reward for following the GAPS diet so well in Jan.) We thought of doing a 2 night/3 day vacation in the Dells. But with all the farm related stuff happening around here, and being so busy we didn’t feel we should take off that long. So… ONE day it is!!

Our plans were for a relaxing, fun, family day! Not a pack in all you can, spend as much $$ as we can, party til we drop sorta day. And we did it!!!

First stop- WI Dells Deer Park

8 Aug 131

A place where you can feed and pet the deer. The boys loved it!!! Rylen soon discovered that his boots are noisy, and must walk quietly. (He had worn his cowboy boots.) And they all found out that it’s much better to walk slowly then rush at a deer to feed it, or they will then have NO deer to feed!! Of course they loved the goats, the pigs and admired the chickens. Duh!! Collin even had to feel a doe’s (goat) udder, just to compare it to a cow. (His dream is to have a milking goat one day.)

Next we headed for  a duck ride…

Ridin' the Ducks

Yes, they were all eyes and loved it too, especially the ‘splash down’ into the water. Jevan could have done that run a few times!! But it did sorta get long on the ride, looking at the rocks, scenery,  etc.

Then it was lunch time… And trying to find a place to eat there was sorta a joke, I had packed a picnic lunch, and we didn’t feel like chasing a park down. So we ended up just eating in an empty parking lot behind some stores/restaurants. The boys loved having space to just run and be boys!! Even eating, while laying on the floor of the van.

After lunch, we had some time to kill… and a number of options we could have done… So we let the boys pick what they wanted to do… a few rides or play putt-putt. Putt-putt was unanimous.

8 Aug 133

So putt-putt it was… and they had a BLAST!!! Delvyn and I let them play the hole first, then we took our turns keeping score for ourselves. Soon they were playing the hole ahead of us, and we moved fairly quickly. It was greatly amusing to watch their version of play. Rylen pretty much herded his ball to each hole. Jevan actually got a few hole-in-one, or else he sent them flying hither and yon. Collin went somewhere between real play and the boy’s version. The last few holes he did play with Delvyn and I and did really good. Just another sign of my little boy growing up!!

Then we didn’t really have time to anything and still make it to the Ski Show. So we found a little beach/picnic area and Jevan was the only one to brave it and go play in the water. Crazy kid, it was a very cool breezy day, barely getting above 75*. Delvyn and Rylen took naps and Collin and I just relaxed, watching Jevan. And then read our story book.

We headed for the Tommy Bartlett Ski, Sky and Stage Show then. It was almost the boy’s favorite part of the day… (they had a hard time picking at the end of the day when we asked them.)

8 Aug 134

It was fascinating to watch all the stunts and tricks these guys (& gals) did.

8 Aug 135

Rylen does not like clowns… And gladly sat on his Dad’s lap through most of it. I think by the end he realized it really wasn’t so bad. Collin sat at the edge of his seat through the whole thing.

Last stop – Supper- at Buffalo Phil’s!! The dream of the day!! They couldn’t wait for this stop to finally come!!

8 Aug 13

Train delivered food… What kid wouldn’t like that?!?!?!? We had to wait a half hr, because we did make reservations, others were waiting over an hr. The train went by often, and had different things on it each time! Once it was a bubble machine blowing bubbles at everyone as it went by. They couldn’t wait for our stuff to arrive each time. It sure is a great way to keep kids occupied during the ‘long’ wait for food!!

Then we headed home, making one last stop for an ice-cream cone. Each one had a different favorite, but they all loved each part of the day. And that is what matters most!! We enjoyed making family memories, just being together, and building relationships.

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  1. Looks like a great day! 🙂

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