Karson Emmett!!

Karson  1

So I know this is way over due!!! I mean he is 5mths old after all, but nothing has been said about him on my blog. He is our special, unexpected, miracle blessing!!! And has been a joy in our home every day since he was born!! And we can not imagine life without him!!

He was born Oct 18th, 9 minutes after midnight. And after only 3 hrs of really active labor. Shocking for me!! My labors have all been much longer. So that being the case, we didn’t call the midwife until almost 12 am. And of course she didn’t make it. So Karson was born into my arms, in a big hurry, and a big way! He weighed in at 8.14lbs!! Which was a shock to me. I wasn’t really expecting a big baby. And he has never slowed down since!!

I really think he is just trying to catch up to his 3 older brothers. He watches every move they make and delights in playing with them.  And so far he is keeping up with them, in reaching milestones around the same time. Like sitting up at 4 1/2mths.

brothers50IMG_2212{Awww, looking at these newborn pics makes me want my tiny baby back!! He grew up way too fast!! I was trying to enjoy every moment of it. And I think I did. But when you have 3 other boys, plus teaching school, the days seem to fly by!!}

karson 6wks smKarson at 6wks.

family13 8x10 smThis was our Christmas picture. Collin – 8, Jevan – 6, Rylen – 4 and Karson 1 mth.

k3At 3 mths.

karson 5mths smallAnd these are the most recent. I just took them last week, at 5 mths old. (Believe me, I could post a whole pile more. But I have to stop somewhere.)

Karson has been my happiest, bubbliest baby. And so content. He patiently waits for his meals, naps and whatever. He plays happily for long periods of time. Yes, I am blessed! {Until it comes to night time. He is my first baby that likes to sleep with mom most of the night. He sleeps, but just likes to ‘snack’ all night long. So I keep him beside me, so we both get some sleep.}

Anyway, just had to share my baby with you!! Even if it is mostly through pictures. Now I need to go get some work done while the other 3 are outside. Today is colder again, with sunshine, snow and my wash merrily dancing on the line.

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2 Responses to Introducing…

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  2. He is one of the sweetest babies! 🙂 God has blessed you much!

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