Spring Photo Update

So I started this post a few times already and now have to delete what I wrote and start over. {Again} I have been having a really good week again. And I feel so grateful and blessed once more. But now is a good time, I am feeling like a break. It feels so good to work all day. Without really taking any breaks. I just have this steady power of energy that just keeps me going, going, going. So the times of actually sitting down are kinda rare. Anyway… these are the pictures that go with last weeks post.

IMG_4251Collin was in our local Home School Choir this semester. Mon. April 7th was his Choir Program. He didn’t wannt go do it, but after the first few times, he was loving it. It helped that 5 of his cousins were there too. I didn’t get a good picture of him, and he wouldn’t let me take one of him with Miss Katie.

IMG_4246IMG_4270My cousin’s husband, who is also our Pastor, and very good friend. (This picture was just too good not to post.) Photo credit to my sis.

IMG_4290Each family was to make a Spring/Music center piece for a table. This was ours. The ‘grass’ is colored coconut.

IMG_4321My crazy kid… trying to go for a ride.

IMG_4320Gotta love living in ‘The Bicycle Capitol of the World’. We had a picnic in the park with a friend. Then headed to a family’s place to see their 6 lambs.

IMG_4337Rylen holding a ‘new friend’. By the time the visit was over, not sure the lambs considered the boys their friends though.

IMG_4335Collin, loving it… and dreaming of having his own ‘McDonald Farm’ one day. He wants goats and now sheep. He also dreams of steers, horses and whatever else has 4 feet.

IMG_4332One of the triplets. I couldn’t get all 3 in one picture, they were just too busy!!

IMG_4333These are the other 2 and their Momma.

IMG_4347Jevan enjoying a thrilling ride on their tire swing!!

IMG_4348IMG_4365Thursday evening we had a hotdog roast, just us! For the first time in a long, long time, maybe ever. Lots of fun memories made!!

IMG_4361Lots of hotdogs eaten.

IMG_4369My family… Love them!!

IMG_4367We ate lots of marshmallows… even with a 2 marshmallows/hotdog rule.

IMG_4408Then Saturday we went back to watch the sheep get sheared. And this time took my niece along to watch. It was a cold day!!

IMG_4393IMG_4401Rylen found a new game to play… hunker down in the far corner and wait for the lambs to come nuzzle him. They were separated from their Mom’s and feeling lonely.

IMG_4390Brooklyn enjoying a lamb.

IMG_4413A freshly sheered Momma, looking for her baby. And Collin trying to be helpful.

IMG_4378And just a random, fun farm picture… Our chicken eggs, in 3 sizes. Yes, that tiny egg is a chicken egg. And the long egg, is the longest one I’ve ever seen. It stuck way above the egg carton.

Wow, maybe I will actually get this posted before supper. The timer will go any time. And we will have pizza, applesauce and tea. It’s our traditional Saturday night supper.

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4 Responses to Spring Photo Update

  1. Love the picture of Marv! 😉

  2. Hannah Fisher says:

    hey Lois, long time… So plexis did it for you??

    • TenderHerb says:

      Yes, I credit my health to Plexus!! It took 5mths of taking it and wondering if it was really going to work, but it has! I still feel so amazing!! I would not wanna be without my Slim Drink!!!

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