Lovin’ these Spring Days!!!

A huge picture post… Mostly from the month of May, but a few from April too. We are sure glad to see spring again and enjoy the warm sunshine, spring breezes, birds singing and birthdays!!!

Rylen learned to ride his bike the end of April. And I finally was able to get pictures of one of my boys riding for the first time without training wheels. The other two did it on their own and informed me later. He is quite happy with himself!!

rybike2Collin’s 9th birthday was May 3rd. He has dreamed and waited for this day for soooo long. And I am wondering how it is that I have a child in his last yr before hitting the big ’10’, double digits!!!

CollinThe boys found my old camera, and have enjoyed taking many pictures (when the thing works properly). Here Jevan is taking one of Karson. IMG_4193Karson’s favorite way to sit, he often is balancing on his butt. It’s sorta hard to tell it in the picture, but it’s about the best I can do to show it. He likes to put both hands out and twist his wrist, like you would rev a motorcycle. So we often tease him he is driving his cycle again.

IMG_4794I have gotten many interesting pictures of the ways these boys listen to stories on tape/cd. This is another one. They even stuck Karson down in the chair to protect him from flying ‘bullets’, when they play with their nurf guns.

IMG_4832Water picture of Karson in the sink. I had gotten some cute pictures of Rylen in this sink. And when a photo challenge came with ‘water’ I had to try it again. I loved the results.

IMG_4857Dry cows enjoying the warm sunshine.

IMG_5001A favorite book of all the boys when they were younger. Karson loves it too!

IMG_5018Maple leaves. It is so lovely watching the hills take on a lovely green hue!!!

IMG_5022Rylen turned 5 on the 16th. He is into horses and hockey right now. So he got a hockey cake. It was so hard deciding which he wanted!!

IMG_5150The birthday boy and his favorite little brother!! (Who looks a bit starstruck.)

IMG_5172My hubby giving directions to the boys out the window. (I was out trying to get pictures (photo challenge) of the cows looking out the window. They were not cooperating, so thought I would at least have this if nothing else.)

IMG_5206Collin was so nice in helping me, he brought a newborn calf through the barn and out under the window. Dad helped him on his way through the barn.

IMG_5229It worked, it made the cow and heifer look out the window!!

IMG_5257And then I had fun getting my window picture… The next two were my favorites.

IMG_5252But this is the one I used.

window jtThen Collin led the calf to the calf shed, and it’s new pen. He was ‘maaah’-ing and the calf just followed him. I love watching the boys work with animals and seeing their gentle sides come out.

IMG_5263Playing in the hay field. They were soon told to quit!! As they were having fun running and then laying in it, making lots of tracks. We will soon be doing hay. And yes, it’s not the best picture, I was in the house. A long way from the field!!

IMG_5308Karson was super happy at lunch today…

IMG_5329Then we gave him this…

IMG_5339And he made this face…

IMG_5338He still loves us!!! If you look at the first picture, you can see his tooth and the 2nd almost through. I can’t wait til it finally comes in. He is not overly crabby, but just not himself and needs mom more.

This afternoon he was chatting with his Dad. He does not like when his Dad comes in the house and does not hold him or say anything to him.

IMG_5348Well, anyway… I had plans for keeping up with this blog better… but I am enjoying life so much!! And have so many things I’d rather do, like being outside for one. So, …til next time… have a great spring day!!!


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One Response to Lovin’ these Spring Days!!!

  1. Loved all the pics! 🙂 Not sure which would be my favorite…maybe the one of Ry on his bike (love his smile!) or Collin with the calf. Like Karson’s pickle faces too. 🙂

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