Where Does Time Go?

 Oh, yeah, I am raising 4 boys. I am a wife. We live on a dairy farm. We home-school. I wash dirty barn clothes every day. I feed half an army. I clean up messes all.day.long. I am just so thankful to once again feel good, to have the energy that I need to take care of my family.

For so many yrs it was so hard to basically watch life go by. And I felt like I was sitting on the sidelines watching my littles grow up without me. Now! I am doing life with them. I have a baby that for the first time wants his Mom over others!! Do you have any idea how good that makes me feel? Oh, he still enjoys being held by others, but he sure loves his Momma. And it does this Momma heart so much good. I had often wondered if I was a bad mom, that my babies didn’t care if they were with their Mom or some other person. But it was because I pushed them off on others so often, they didn’t have the strong mom bond. And don’t think they didn’t know who Mom was, they did!! They just didn’t mind having someone else comfort them. It didn’t have to be Mom. If someone else could do it for them or help them out, they didn’t bother with asking me. I often felt like I wasn’t real important in their lives.I can see it changing.

Ok, so I didn’t intend to share all that… it is just something that has been blessing me. Even though it ties me down a bit more. I wanted to be able to nurse my baby longer this time, and we have done that now. I still have a really hard time leaving my baby behind for more than a few hrs!! But I am enjoying every minute of it! Plexus has changed me life!!!

So this will be largely a picture post… mostly for a sister who is gone for 3 mths. And is missing her nephews… And they are missing her!! They love their Aunt Sara, and often ask when she will be back home. Christmas will be special for more than one reason this year!!


Doing peaches. You wanna try that?


Wearing big brother’s Logger’s shirt.


Multi-tasking – Napping & babysitting


Work begins on our house roof.


Rylen waited a long time to finally get to go up on the roof with his dad!! He delighted in looking down from the peak!


A bad picture of it nearly done. We love the new look. And I don’t have to mow shingles anymore!!


Our ‘new’ schoolroom. I got a table to put in the office and moved all the school supplies back here. I fought it for a long time. Feeling like I should move it out of the kitchen, but liked being out there where everything is happening. But since moving, we are loving it. Way less distractions!! And my work is out of sight and I can focus better too.


We got together at the park for some fun field games of kick ball, red-rover and SPUD. Karson loved running around the bases with me and pitching the ball.


Aunt June stopped in with her new puppy. Instant hit with the kids!!


Happy baby in the fall sunshine.


Dreaming of the day he will get to play ball too. Just over a wk and he will have his first birthday!!

We did it

So this picture is tacky, and whatever… but this is my besty and our first pallet project!! We had fun, but no one told us how hard pallets are to rip apart. Next time we are gonna use a sawsall!!!

Anyway, there’s your little update from my corner of the world!!

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One Response to Where Does Time Go?

  1. love the pics of Karson n the bat 🙂

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