Airing My Dirty Laundry

Towels drying on the clotheslineOr maybe I should say my ‘Clean’ Laundry!!! For those of you who have been with me for a long, long time, may remember my post on laundry and trying to get my towels to be absorbent. Well, I never really did get them to be very absorbent. I just tried to ignore the problem and pretend it wasn’t as bad as it really was. We just sorta lived with towels that didn’t soak up water so great and rags that pushed spilled liquids around until it finally gave into to soaking up the mess. Well, fast forward a few yrs, and I am cloth diapering my 4th son. All was well until he hit about 7mths old, and suddenly my diapers are no longer containing the wetness. And that causes major problems!!!

So began another search… This time FB, and the world in Pinterest has come to play big roles in research. And I think I have found the answer!! I am still struggling some with my diapers, but my towels and rags are amazing!!! I had been feeling for some time that my homemade laundry soap was not cleaning my clothes very good. But the thought of discontinuing my cheap soap wasn’t very exciting to me, especially living on a farm, I do LOTS of wash each week!!! Well, in my search & research, I found a group on FB called Fluff Love & CD Science. (If you don’t mind a lot of drama, the group is ok. I don’t follow it anymore, as I was just tired of all the action there.)

Wow, my eyes were opened and some of my thoughts were finally ok’ed. Like why do we have to use a special laundry soap just to wash diapers? I know back when I was a baby my mom never had 2 different soaps. Why should it matter what soap goes on diapers that touch a babies bum and what gets used on clothes that touch the skin on the rest of the babies bodies?? Hmmm, right?? I know some of the thoughts are on the absorbancy,but if it’s properly washed, our towels should be absorbent too right? If not, there is problems.

So… in their studies this is what they have found: (And it does line up somewhat with what I had researched before, dealing with hard water.)

Most regions of America has some degree of hard water. Often the only way we notice it is when we are scrubbing mineral deposits off our sinks, showers, or faucets. Many people don’t think about how it affects their laundry, especially if they are already using a good detergent with built-in water softeners.

When it comes to cleaning cloth diapers, hard water makes a difference. Those mineral deposits that build up around your water sources also build up in the fabric of the diapers in ways that wouldn’t concern you with normal laundry. A dingy shirt here or there is no big deal, but mineral buildup in your babies’ diapers can wreak havoc.

As mineral deposits build, they trap bacteria. That buildup leads to ammonia or barnyard stink issues, repelling or leaks, and even rashes or burns. Hard water deposits can greatly impact the absorbancy of your diapers. Many people mistake hard water buildup with detergent buildup (which is a myth) because they notice suds in their water long after the detergent itself should be gone. The good news is that no amount of detergent will keep fabric from properly absorbing, but when hard water traps residue, it can hold on to detergent like it does everything else and release residual suds. What you’re actually seeing is the effect of hard water on the fabric, and if it’s holding onto the detergent residue, you bet it’s holding on to bacteria as well. -Kinsey Marie -You can read the rest here.

It goes on to say about adding softeners to your wash routine as well, such as borax, calgon or washing soda. People have asked me, ‘But the homemade has the borax and washing soda in it.’ Yes, it does, but only like 1 1/2 c. of each in 5 gallons of water. They recommend adding like 1/2c. per load.

But first you need to get your diapers or towels back to square one and do a Mineral Strip!! And bleach soak. I was amazed at how white and clean my clothes and towels and diapers were!! Side note:I did not strip colors much, just as a precaution. It was a bit time consuming, but so worth it. We are loving our towels and white clothes again!!

mineral strip

You can also find more pins with info on my pinterest page here. That will save you from having to join the group page if you rather not. The bleach soak info is on my page as well.

So now I am buying either ALL Free & Clear or Foca. I can not stand the strong smells perfumes in laundry soap. Foca isn’t bad at all and is cheaper than the All. Now I just need to figure out how to keep my diapers from leaking out the sides. I am thinking it is compression leaks. So need to keep trying different things and see what I can figure out. So it goes… At least I never get bored.

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