Random Fall Update & Lots of Pictures

Time for another picture post, mainly for my sis again. But you all can enjoy them too. We now have 2 birthdays in the fall close together. Seems we like to do things by 2’s. Collin & Rylen’s birthdays are 2 wks apart in May. And Karson & Jevan’s are 2 wks apart too, Oct. 17th and Nov. 1st. Jevan never liked having his birthday so far from his brother’s, so it is nice to now have a birthday with a brother too.

Anyway… we will start with Karson’s first birthday. We had both sets of Grandparents and all aunts & uncles who were around. Which ended out being only my parents and then all the Martin’s.

karson bday1

Karson was enthralled with all the people, gifts and wrapping paper!! We just had a simple party, and I went with a ‘Jungle’ theme as I had found some party stuff on sale this summer, so just used that. I thought it turned out pretty good.

karson bdayIt’s hard to believe my baby is a yr old. We tried to get him to walk, but he is just not so interested. It seems so late, as the others were 9, 11 & 10mths when they started walking. Now at almost 13 mths, he is taking 3-5 steps all the time, and stands a lot. But is not walking yet!! Let him crawl… and he is like a low glider, he covers ground FAST!!! (Much to his brother’s displeasure!! Farms are like a magnet to him, he MUST wipe out ever cow that is standing on feet!)

11 Nov 14Then Nov. 1st on Jevan’s 7th birthday, Grandma wanted to update her grandchildren pictures. Let’s just say it was pretty much a disaster!!! Between it being really cold and a baby who was NOT impressed with picture taking in the leaves, a group picture wasn’t gonna happen. But I loved the ones I got of Jevan.

11 Nov 141We went to Pizza Hut with Marv’s. Cory is a few mths older than Jevan and they are Best Buds!!! Lys’ birthday was a few days later, so we brought 2 cakes and icecream along in. I have never had a birthday party at a restaurant before and I must say, it is pretty nice!! We didn’t have to clean up the mess. The waitress also brought out 2 cookie pizza’s for the birthday kids. And Jevan was unimpressed. That was NOT his cake!!

11 Nov 142Last week we butchered 7 pigs. It’s always a fun day, with friends and much laughter. It was a cold day, but we were done around 1. It always amazes me how fast work can fly with a group of people. And it sure helps as the children get older and can help more. The first time we did it Collin was a yr old & the oldest of the group was around 8. So our freezers are once again full of pig meat to enjoy this winter. All I have left to do is pumpkin pie filling. And I keep putting it off, I am rather tired of canning and am so ready to be DONE!

11 Nov 144On Thursday some of us got together to fill shoe boxes for Samaritan’s Purse. It’s always fun to do. Then afterward we played some indoor games with the boys. And a few girls who got involved. (Like me, jumping rope.)

11 Nov 143Collin was having fun learning to jump rope too, and seeing how high or low they could go!

There, I think that’s about all the pics, opps, forgot this one…


Evidence of the 5 gallons of shell corn in my basement! I *almost* felt bad making them clean this mess up. But not bad enough. They had the basement quite er, em, a mess!! So now they have to play upstairs for a while again. Much to their displeasure. As I mentioned before, Karson delights in messing up their farms!!!

I have been reminded again these past wks, just how thankful I am to be feeling so good. And that I have energy to carry me from day to day and activity to activity. Before I could never have done all these things back to back like this and survived. Well, I might have survived but my family would have suffered, as well as my house, but relationships and upkeep of home would have been in sad states! I just love being able to bounce from day to day. Even though my nights are not totally restful yet either. Karson still bounces back and forth from sleep 9-4 or getting up every couple of hrs. He just really likes his mom.

Well, I must run… supper is ready and waiting. And everyone is hungry!! Um, so supper is over. The ‘men’ set off a bunch of old firecrackers that have been laying around here, just asking to be blasted off. Nothing like a {COLD} night outside to have male bonding. Now they are waiting on me so we can watch a movie… Do you know when the last time was that I watched a movie? I don’t either!! We are gonna watch Blind Side. Have a Blessed Sunday!!


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2 Responses to Random Fall Update & Lots of Pictures

  1. Sara says:

    Thank you, Lois! I feel like I am a little more caught up in your life again. I feel like I am missing so much. Love you sis.

  2. Bev says:

    Love the pic of Nikki n Collin jumping! 🙂 You really took away all that fun corn? I think I would have had fun with that! lol

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