Can I Be A Child? With No Fear?


Lots of thoughts have been rolling through my head… so much to learn. So much to think about. So much to grow in. So much I see needing done in my own life, not to mention the lives of my children. And yet, I know how much God isn’t expecting me to attain perfection right now. I can’t expect that of my children either.

The other day I had to smile to myself as a scene played out in the living room, while I was in the kitchen making breakfast. (And I hope someone doesn’t mind me using them. 😉 ) And I couldn’t help but make correlations to it and our lives as Christians.

We had a special guest spend the night here Wed. night. The boys had been highly anticipating her arrival. Waiting all day. And randomly sitting out by the road, willing her to come. (They couldn’t seem to understand it would be after supper, in reality bedtime until she came!!) But that didn’t seem to stop them from talking about her. Looking forward to every little aspect of her coming. They talked about all they would tell her, everything they wanted to show her and whatever else they could think of.

Well, all but one child was sleeping when she finally came that night. So in the morning there was LOTS of happy chatter in the living room as they filled her in on all the happenings in their lives since they had last seen her.

Then Karson had woke up, late, as he has been this past week. The boys blasted back to his room to get him. They wanted him to share in their joy as well. And couldn’t wait to bring him out to this special guest. I right away told them not to push him. He would probably not remember her. And she even told the boys to give him time. Well, Karson watched his brother’s excitement, happy chatter, and had no fears!! He climbed right into her lap. And enjoyed all the happiness too.

As I thought about all this, it was like God was gently showing me a few things. And I was blessed. So I’ll try to share them with you too.

How many times am I actually like my boys? Anxiously waiting, anticipating and longing to spend time with Jesus. Do I look forward to that? With as much enthusiasm as they were? Do I lay aside all cares of time, and spend time preparing myself, as they did?

They had no fear!! No worries about how she would respond to them. What she would think of all their childish ways, or the mistakes they made. They chattered over each other and around her. They knew she would love them just as they were. They didn’t have to perform! I can be the same way with Jesus. No fears! No performance needed!! He just wants ME!! Just as I am!!

Then when Karson woke up, he was pulled right into the excitement. He may not have remembered her. But the lack of fear in those around him, made him feel safe and secure. And he trusted this new person too. Are we like that to others around us? Is our excitement contagious? Does it make others desire that fellowship too? Do they want to know our Savior in a personal way? Or do they sense fears in our lives and it makes them question things? Hesitating to know Him as Lord.

Fear has been such a big part of my life, that I see it or the lack of it easily in others around me, mostly my boys. And how it affects so many aspects of ones life. The control it has over lives. Not to mention how easily it can still grasp hold in my own life again. I need to stay alert and be ready to fight those battles of fears, not allowing them to grow roots in my heart again. I can be secure in my position in Christ. I don’t need to fear others, what they may think, how they may respond… the list could go on and on. I can BE ME!! Who Jesus wants me to be!! I don’t need to perform for Him!! How sweet that thought is!! There is freedom in Jesus! Power in His Name!!

This song, ‘Whom Shall I Fear (The God of Angel Armies)’ has blessed me!!

I found David Wesley on Youtube this past week and have been so blessed by his songs. Check him out, you might find a blessing there for you as well.

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