Life on the Farm, It’s been 7 yrs!!

It is LONG past time to get this posted!! In fact I had a bunch of it written up and then lost it. Never like when that happens!! So here we go again… The boys are at Grandma’s swimming. My hubby is planning to grill pork steaks for supper, so I’ve got a few minutes to myself.

11This is what the farm looked like 7 yrs ago. It’s hard to believe we have been here that long. But we have. And many changes have been made. Some I didn’t like, others I don’t mind. But I love old buildings, so when it came to tearing some of them down… It was a bit sad. Some we didn’t have a choice. Like that big tree going down on the corner of the grainery. Pushing the whole building sideways. It pretty much had to go. And now the little garage is gone, the great big silo, that heifer shed on the very left hand side. They talk of taking down the other silos too. But I really bulk at that one. What’s a farm without silos?? It just doesn’t seem right!! And this… coming from a girl who said she would NEVER marry a farmer!!

1 20150628_181803This was taken, with my phone so not best quality, but as they were beginning to take the heifer shed down.

IMG_0109smThis was just beginning to tear down the silo… I didn’t think of videoing it. So duh!!! It was really neat!!


Slowly, slowly pushing the top off.


IMG_0125smIt made an awesome crash… with 4 guys leaning over to watch it crumple into a heap!!


And this is where 2 boys watched the action…

IMG_0142smAnd where this little guy watches the action. He about could not have it that he could NOT go outside very often!! But once they started dropping those huge, heavy silo staves, I was not about to let him go out!!

2 20150702_074206I posted this pic on facebook the 2nd morning. There were guys taking down the grey shed, the milk truck picking up milk, the silo guys taking down the silo, a hobbled cow deciding if she should go for a swim and a 7 yr. old watching all the action!!

IMG_0144smThis was the 2nd day. They had some for platform inside the silo that they lowered as they went. And a pulley system for lowering the bands and other stuff they saved. The staves dropped into fresh sand with a thump I could hear inside the house. (Don’t ask how I felt to wake up to that in the morning, with no clue what I was hearing!!) Then some of the guys would save out the good ones, piling them on skids.

IMG_0155smIt was about in here that they couldn’t save any more. And the whole one side they didn’t save either. The blocks were full of fine cracks. So they were not able to save as many as they were hoping to. So things went pretty fast from here on out! They popped bands, and then just knocked out blocks from fairly low, letting lots of staves crash.

IMG_0160smGetting ready to knock out the last of the walls, loading up what they could haul home and cleaning up the mess…

IMG_0161smWhat my view to the barn looks like now… Well, that end piece of the heifer shed is gone now. Still waiting for them to take down one last small section.

So Sunday I went out to take pictures… this is all going to be changing again…



Pile of rubble behind where the silo was. Waiting to be crushed and used for fill. The neighbor up on the hill (hard to see) right above that pile of rubble (pic on right), is the one who took down the heifer shed. He repurposes old wood.

IMG_0164smSo now we have heifers right inside the barn, in an empty calving/sick pen.


We have heifers at the back end of the barn, in some empty stalls penned off.

IMG_0174smAnd we have heifers out in the dry cow lot, in a penned off area.


And these are the heifers in another old shed. In fact the other week, we were just sitting down to eat supper. And were trying to quiet the boys down to pray. When Delvyn really started telling everyone to quiet down!! I could tell he was listening to some strange and strangled cow sounds. And soon he was bolting for the door!! Well, Dad stops to put shoes on, the boys don’t. So they beat him to the heifer shed. Soon I see Delvyn running back through the yard, through the office, through the barn for the skidsteer. And 2 little boys, slow walk back towards the house. And then I knew it was bad. If they don’t even stay to see the action, they can’t stomach whatever is going on. So I decided to head out there with Karson. By then, the worst was over.

And they were fixing up the broken row of headlocks. For some reason a section of headlocks broke off, keeping 2 heifers entangled in the locks, one basically on top of the other.  Just a few minutes longer and the story would have been completely different. We were so thankful it happened while we were home. As it was, the 2 heifers were shook up, and needing some  R & R, but nothing major!! They walked away!! I think the rest of us were about as shook up as they were though too.

IMG_0192smAnd I had to smile at this scene. A certain 6 yr old loves horses, and he has this saddle that he tries to ride many places. Guess this is a great place to ‘store’ it. Although when it began to rain the other day… he made fast tracks to get it!! No he does not ride it way up there…

IMG_0184smAfter walking around the farm, I went for a walk up the road. This is way across the fields…

IMG_0186smA bit closer to home… on the far right is my in-laws farm. Now you know why the boys are *always* over at Grandma’s?? It’s just across the corner!!!

Anyway… WAY too much time has passed!! The boys are back home (at least when they play on the slip & slide they smell clean and soapy even if they are still dirty!), the grill is fired up, my rice is cooking and I need to get off. We have some fun family plans for this evening… FINALLY getting the boys rewards for saying their memory verses at church one Sunday. They each won $5 gift cards to Culvers. And then the park or something else fun like that.

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