30 Weeks!!!…

that-moment-you-realize-you-have-10-weeks-to-finish-doing-what-you-have-been-putting-off-the-last-30-weeks-of-pregnancy--1d960Only 10 more to go… In many ways this pregnancy has flown by, while in other ways, I seem to be impatiently waiting!! I can’t wait to meet this little Miss that I’ve been carrying the past 30 weeks. And this just may be the first baby in which I will NOT be prepared when it’s D-Day!!

I’ve been wanting to do a pregnancy post/update, mostly for myself, but thought others who know my healthy journey, may be interested in hearing how much different this one is. And it has been so much different. So much BETTER in so many ways. But I can also tell I am not getting any younger either. I’m only 33, but I am getting older.ultrasound4d58

I’ll start with how I sleep… With each of my other 4, I would be dragging through my pregnancies. Slept a lot, but also had a hard time sleeping at night. This time, I sleep ALL night long. Rarely waking or even needing to get up to go to the bathroom. I have loved it to say the least. I weaned Karson, who still liked his night/early morning nursings all the way to the end, when I was about 8-10 wks pg. So being able to finally sleep through the night was a huge blessings, after 17mths of interrupted nights. And needing naps has been minimal. Sure that first trimester, I did more. But after I got over the first wks of feeling sick, I was good to go. Which reminds me, I should share on that… I was not as sick with this little one. Just that nauseated feeling, almost just wish you could upchuck, but can’t. And it would only last from about 10am-5pm. Then I was good to go. Crazy! And it only lasted about 12 wks. I never had it super bad with my others either. But I discovered with Karson and this time, that taking the proper supplements for my MTHFR helped with my morning sickness.

For those that know me well, know that I have experience incredible hip pain. With my first it was the last 6 wks or so. 2nd, it was at 6mths. 3rd, as soon as I knew I was pg. 4th, I managed to hold it off til the 3rd trimester. There was nothing I could do to relieve that pain!! Laying, sitting or standing, it hurt. I tried chiropractic, but nothing seemed to help. Then with Karson, I had switched to a midwife and she told me about 2 stretches to do from Spinning Babies. The forward-inversion, and side-lying release, they helped greatly. Also finally addressing inflammation with the some natural product, in dealing with my lyme also boosted it.

Round-Ligament1Well, this time, all was fine and rosy until one night! We were playing soft ball with family, and I was running bases. Yep, I did something wrong. And from there had been in pain. God led me, through 2 friends, to a new chiropractor who does the Webster Technique. This is a great blog post explaining it a bit more. You can search for one in your area here. And I soon learned, my round ligament that supports the uterus was being pulled on that right side. After 2wks, I was seeing a HUGE difference!! And now after about 5 adjustments, that pain is gone!!! I know doing the forward inversion helps so much, maintaining the adjustment and keeping it in proper alignment. I feel like with Karson, I had started it sooner, not realizing what it was doing for me, and it helped greatly with my pain. Now, I know!! And am so thankful to have WAY less pain than I ever had before. Right now I am dealing with some bunched up muscles in my rump. Not sure where that came from… But I sure it will go away before long. I was to my regular chiro yesterday and he works with the muscles, not just a ‘crack and pop’ doc.

I should probably mention, I have a really bad diastasis recti. So my stomach muscles are weak, and probably don’t support baby like they should either. I keep trying to heal them, but pregnancy is really hard on it. So I wear a support band most of the time.

20150806_164538As for gaining weight – Right now, as of this morning I have gained right at 10lbs. Which frankly does make me happy!!! I normally have gained quite a bit. I don’t know numbers, but I do know it’s more than is really needed!!! Especially my first pregnancy, that was a bad one!! Before I knew I was pregnant, I had decided to go gluten & dairy free. But knew it would not be so easy!! Trim Healthy Mama, is a book I’ve had for a while, and I do like some of the recipes as they fit my style of eating. I don’t really follow their plan of eating totally. But do eat that way probably more than I really mean to, just because of cutting so many foods out of my diet. And I love the smoothies (I get a different nondairy protein to add to them.) I was trying to figure out what was causing so itchy bumps, and a rash I just cannot get on top of. And near as I can tell, I can’t handle honey, or even the fruits with higher sugar content. So for the last 2 mths, I have greatly cut it out. (I will be honest, it’s hard to cut that stuff 100%, but I would say it’s about 90% out!!) I honestly think I was losing some weight as baby was growing. So, even though it doesn’t sound like I gained much, I probably gained right where I should be!!

I thought I had more to say on this, but maybe not. Over all, I have more energy, clearer brain to think, I actually FEEL like taking nearly daily walks (which with Karson I had to about force myself to go!!), and it just feels amazing to feel this way!! The last 2 weeks my sister has been helping me redo the baby room. We took the trim down, used liquid sander, and painted it all white. We painted the baby room, and have been working on decor. Nope, not gonna tell you much about it. I’ll post pics later… But while it was a lot added to my days to get everything done. And I was stressing out a bit having so much going… I was still going and NOT crashing!!! It was just amazing!!!  And I am really hoping that doing all that I am, we will not have to deal with candida issues as I have with each child. And look forward to what these last 10 wks hold!

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One Response to 30 Weeks!!!…

  1. Esther says:

    I enjoyed reading your pregnancy update. 🙂 I will be 29 weeks tomorrow so I’m right there with you! Its also #5 for me. 🙂 Glad to hear its going well for you and wish you the best!

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